6 Options For Upgrading Your Garage

September 10, 2015

Your garage is 600 sq. feet of perfectly good floor space, often doing nothing except collecting junk. It’s time to turn it from a liability into an asset! Start utilizing that space more by upgrading it to be something worth your time.

Here are some of the ways to get the most from your garage.

  1. Install a Real Floor

    Concrete is cold, ugly, and, worst of all, porous. It slowly accumulates oil, gasoline, and other solvents, creating fumes that make work unpleasant at best and unhealthy at worst. Turn this ugly health hazard into a professional workshop floor by getting attractive, nonporous polyurea flooring installed.

  2. Build a Home Office

    These days, an increasing numbers of people don’t even own cars. Additionally, car owners also are often comfortable parking on the street, or putting their cars into storage during the winter. In these cases, a garage can be used as an additional room in your house. This will tend to increase your resale value and provides a handy tax deduction.

  3. Use a Car Lift

    Whether you have a small garage with too many cars, or just want to increase your garage floor space, a car lift is a great idea. A car lift helps you store multiple vehicles vertically in one parking space, freeing up floor space to use as you please.

  4. Get a Real Workbench

    Sure, your grandfather did fine with a wooden workbench, but he also used leaded gasoline and mercury thermometers. Times have changed, and you can now do much better than a simple wooden surface! Adding coatings of aluminum or polyvinyl membranes makes surfaces much easier to clean, safer, and easier to use.

  5. Insulate Everything

    Typical garage work is never comfortable- it’s too hot in summer and too cold in winter. You can keep it comfier and save on your energy bill by installing insulation. Everything can be upgraded, from your walls to your windows to even your garage door.

  6. Get the big four: TV, Mini-fridge, Carpet, Couch

    This is the classic upgrade from a garage to a livable entertainment space. Install a wall mounted TV, put a rug down for your feet, add a comfortable sofa and put a mini-fridge in the corner and you have a perfect place to relax and watch the game with your friends and neighbors!

Your garage doesn’t have to be the messy secondary shed your parents used to have. Consider these upgrades and you’ll be extending not only its usage, but your home’s overall livable space as well.