6 Ways To Reorganize Your Garage

September 4, 2015

Garages tend to suck up all the clutter from the rest of the house and yard. To keep on top of it, homeowners need to reorganize, and reorganize well.

Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

When most of your odds and ends have a tendency to make their way to your garage, how are you supposed to sort everything in a clean and easy-to-find manner? Between sports equipment, tools, car belongings and seasonal goods, it’s difficult to find a home for anything, let alone everything.

To help you stay organized, here are some ideas to get the best results:

  1. Wall Storage for Big Tools, Magnetic Storage for Small Ones

    The wall above a workbench, is by far the most convenient place to keep larger tools, but it’s hard to hang smaller tools like hex wrenches and drill bits on the wall. Make a place for them with two magnetic strips across the wall, right above your workspace. These magnets hold them in order while keeping them in easy reach.

  2. Advanced Overhead Storage

    Everyone knows about how much space you can save with overhead shelves and racks. However, there are many even more advanced solutions. Among our favorites are bike racks that fold up to the roof, cable-raised platforms, and lattices for hold unused pipes and siding.

  3. All-In-One Slatwall System

    Slatwall is a system of interlocking PVC plates that create weight-supporting slats. Slats can be used to hang tools, but more importantly, can be used to support specially-designed slatwall accessories to fit any need.

    Slatwall accessories include workbenches, cable rollers, tool clamps, sports equipment holders, mesh baskets, home office equipment and more. No matter how you are using your garage, you can do it using a slatwall system.

  4. Move the Mudroom to the Garage

    This lets you outsource some of the harder home organizing to the garage. A mudroom indoors will often be cramped and cluttered; but a mudroom in a corner of the garage can be spacious and well-organized. The additional space allows you to set up larger shoe and coat racks, keeping any from getting in the way of your home’s front entryway.

  5. Modular Cabinets

    Most garages cannot fit a wall-to-wall cabinet. As a result, it is worth it to use modular cabinets that can fit around workbenches, above vehicle bays, and around tool racks. The modular design allows for any shape and combination of cabinets, while still presenting a unified color scheme.

  6. Thin Aluminum Drawers or Drawer Inserts

    Thin drawers are the best way to keep things organized. They prevent piles of junk from building up, and they give you plenty of areas in which to sort and categorize your stuff. For thin drawers, aluminum provides the best combination of strength, lightness, and mobility. If you have already installed a wall unit but want thin aluminum drawers, you can still make use of them by purchasing inserts to fit into cabinets and under tool desks.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your garage to simply reduce the clutter, or you’re organizing your belongings to increase your home’s appeal for sale, contact our team today!