How to Design a Well Organized Crafts Room

August 28, 2016

When a crafts room is cluttered and un-organized, craft making can get stressful. It takes time to find the right materials, and it makes it difficult to spark that creative energy. On the other hand, a crafts room that is well-designed and well-organized means that everything has it’s place, and everything is easy to identify and to access. Large or small, full time or part time, a crafts room that is properly organized makes for a working environment that is creative and stress free.

The basic setup

Having a dedicated crafts room means keeping supplies, materials and tools in one place. It also means creating a space that is well lit, comfortable to work in, and with everything easy to access.

Space organization

Needless to say, with multiple craft projects, separating common materials is key. This is easily achieved with ample shelving, pullout drawers, and storage components that are color-coded.

Available space

Even when a crafts room has an abundance of space, it’s important to use all the available space. This would typically include wall space, space behind a door, even the space under a worktable.

The right space

Choosing an appropriate space for a crafts room will make a big difference. It could be an empty room that’s fully dedicated; a combination crafts room/guest room; even a small corner alcove.

Storage cubes

Storage cubes or cubbies are simply purposeful and functional at the same time. Everything is in easy reach and easy to grab. And whatever the usage, storage options are as flexible as required.

The right storage

Custom built or not, storage components must suit the need, as well as the available space. And the options are limitless:  built-in cabinetry; wall-mounted cubbies; even island work centres.

Mobile storage

With some crafts in particular, having mobile storage components will add both functionality and flexibility to a space.  Here, a rolling drawer unit with a workspace on top is the ideal component.

Working comfort

A well-designed, well-organized crafts room provides working comfort in an environment where creativity can be sparked. And while functionality is important, so is a stress-free working space.
For some, putting together a crafts room might be all about using surplus furniture to do the job. But the ultimate is a professionally designed and installed combination of storage components. This is the best way to optimize an available space, and to customize storage that suits a specific need. A well-designed space is about installing smart storage components – from custom cabinets, to desktop working spaces, to roomy storage cubbies, to deep (but shallow) sliding drawers.
With a professional approach, ideas and design options can be simple or elaborate, and function can be easily combined with esthetics. Importantly, professionals understand that budgets are important, and that affordability is essential in ensuring customer satisfaction. When completed, a well-organized crafts room brings practicality and working comfort into balance – it’s a perfect recipe for creativity, whether for scrapbooking, textile design, or any other masterpiece.