Storing Motorcycles in the Garage

August 30, 2016

All things considered, storing a motorcycle in a garage is the ideal – it’s safe, secure and protected from the elements. The only problem is the potential damage the motorcycle might do to the floor itself.  There may be some chipping from the kickstand; there may be staining from leaking oil or gas; or there may be indelible tire marks after a time. Either way, damage is still damage.
Whether it’s a motorcycle or a car, the best thing to do with a garage floor is to protect it from day one. In most cases, it’s a matter of installing a floor coating that will resist staining, chipping, and discoloration. But choosing that flooring can be challenging, mainly because there are so many options. However, the important part of the decision should be to consider long-term value.
At OnWall Solutions, polyurea floor coatings have proven to be the best – polyurea is a seamless membrane that delivers all of the top advantages: it’s very easy to maintain; it’s slip-resistant; it’s resilient to impact and abrasion; and it prevents damage from solvents and chemicals. As well, a polyurea floor has lower VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than most other floor coatings.
With a motorcycle, it’s important for the garage floor to be durable. Many floor coatings will wear out over time, and will need replacement. But this is an added cost factor over the long term. A polyurea floor, on the other hand, comes with a lifetime warranty. In fact, OnWall Solutions installs Citadel Floor Finishing Systems exclusively, and with the best warranty in the industry.

Total surface penetration

Polyurea coatings penetrate right into a concrete floor. The coating does not bond to the surface like other floorings, and therefore will not peel or crack.

Environmentally safe

For those who are watchful, polyurea has virtually no VOC vapour (Volatile Organic Compound), and comes with LEED certification (“green” distinction).

Quick dry – quick use

A polyurea floor can be applied and installed in one-day. With quick curing, it can be trampled on after about three hours and driven on after about 24 hours.

Install temperatures

OnWall Solutions can install polyurea at any time of year, whether its an ice cold winter or a heat wave in summer (temperature range from -40°C to +40°C).

Time saving install

Polyurea needs no pre-mixing, like so many other applications. The installation process is quite time saving, allowing for less labour and fewer man-hours.

The esthetic appeal

With polyurea, the available colour schemes don’t fade. And beyond the beauty of the finished floor, the surface is 20 times more durable than epoxies.

Moisture resistant

A finished polyurea floor has exceptional adhesion. The coating tightly seals concrete and steel, while preventing moisture from penetrating throughout.

Scratch resistant

For the garage, where a protective floor finish is essential, polyurea delivers results. For the most part, this floor will never need to be resurfaced again.

A beautiful floor

Yes – it’s the garage floor – but polyurea coatings from OnWall Solutions are available in a range of beautiful colours, shades and surface finishes.