Tips for a Successful Garage Makeover

July 22, 2016

Garage makeovers can be complicated. The amount of work, decisions, and renovations required can seem overwhelming for some people. For a successful and seamless garage makeover, a few fundamentals should be followed, with some taking place before the job is even started. Let’s explore the tips that will help you ensure that your garage makeover is a success.

  • Plan out Your Space

You will need to decide on how to use your space efficiently and orderly before you take any actions. Garage layout is very important and has to be completed as it will be used as a guideline during any installation. The most important question you will need to keep in mind is: Am I using the space as effectively as possible? What kind of additions are you looking for? What do you struggle with currently and want to improve?

  • Confirm Storage Units

There are numerous combinations of potential storage units that you could use to organize your tools. You will need to explore which type is most useful for you. There are a few great options:

  1.  Tall Cabinets: These cabinets are adjustable to the height of your garage’s ceiling, taking full advantage of all the available space.
  2. Portable Cabinets: Contrasting to the tall cabinets, portable cabinets are short. These cabinets fit well with extra corner spaces and could be easily moved using their attached wheels.
  3. Organized Drawers: These drawers have special moulds installed so that you can fit your tools perfectly in an ordered manner.
  4. Wall-Oriented Storage: These are the best options to store oversized tools such as rake, leaf blowers, shovel, and many others. Available wall-based storage include hanging storage, gear tracks, hanging basket, and wall-mounted hooks. Each type of storage is specifically designed for a tool category. Using wall-oriented storage not only gives you more storage space and dimension, it will also make your tools high accessible and ordered.
  • Pick the Best Flooring Options

Getting the right flooring material is very important for a garage, especially in Canada. The flooring material has to be able to withstand high pressure and impacts, hazardous and corrosive materials, scratches, and last but not least, extreme temperatures. You will also need to survey the costs of each material and other factors that you should put into consideration ─ such as risks of flooding, vehicle types, and many others.

Last but not least, you also have to consider the aesthetic of your garage. The design of your garage has to match with your home’s interior design. In order to ensure this, things that you have to consider include base colour, material finishing, hues, furniture design and styles, and many others.
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