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OnWall Solutions is the exclusive Ontario distributor of the POLYUREA floor coating products manufactured by Citadel Floor Finishing Systems.  With extensive research and development, Citadel has revolutionized concrete floor coatings, and is dominating the market in Canada, and around the world.  The benefits of POLYUREA are wide-ranging, and the attributes of the product allow for application in practically every industry sector.

A seamless membrane – when fully dry, the finished floor is easy to maintain, very resilient to abrasion and impacts, and equally resistant to oil, gas, solvents, and harsh chemicals.

Environmentally safe – extremely low odor during and after installation; no dust residue; virtually no VOC vapour (Volatile Organic Compound); LEED certification (“green” excellence)

Lifetime warranty – Citadel Floor Finishing Systems displays its brand, with a lifetime warranty on residential work and the best warranty in the business for commercial and/or industrial work.

Total surface penetration – the Polyurea coating penetrates right into the concrete, and does not just bond to the surface, ensuring an absolute bond without any peeling or cracking.

Fast drying – fast usage – the Polyurea floor coating allows for one-day installation, and quick curing time.  You can walk on it after three hours and drive (or park) a vehicle after 24 hours.

Installation temperature – floor coating applications can be installed at temperatures that range from -40°C to +40°C.  Finished floors are resilient throughout the harsh winter weather.

Fast “cure time” - beyond the super fast curing time, multiple applications can be installed over previous layers in a short time period.  The floor dries into a tough and durable finish.     

Time saving application – because pre-mixing is not necessary, special install equipment allows for an application process that is efficient, saving significant labour and man-hours.

Aesthetic attributes – coating colours do not fade after time; an anti-slip component can be added to ensure slip-resistance; twenty times more durable than epoxy products.

Non-sensitive to moisture - with exceptional adhesion properties, the Polyurea coating seals concrete and steel surfaces, and prevents moisture penetration even from walls and edges.

Scratch resistant – an excellent option for high traffic surfaces, where a protective floor finish is required.  Typically, the Polyurea floor coating will never need resurfacing again.

Decorative and beautiful - Polyurea floor coatings are available in colours, shades and finishes to add beauty to every environment – residential, commercial, or retail.

Whether it’s a commercial building, a factory, or a production facility, POLYUREA floor coatings have made a significant breakthrough with product research and development by companies like Citadel Floor Finishing Systems.  It’s easy, then, to see why so many installation professionals are relying on POLYUREA as a “product-of-choice”, and it’s also easy to understand why OnWall Solutions believes in the product, and exclusively represents Citadel.

With POLYUREA floor coatings, being the best comes with a price tag.  It’s considered a more expensive product, but with the long-term value that makes the product well worth it.  The install is very cost-efficient, with labor and man-hours substantially less than other applications, and with “downtime” costs (for factory or facility) that are significantly reduced.  In short, the benefits of Polyurea outweigh the initial expense of the best flooring product on the market.

Properties Epoxy Polyurthane Polyurea
Installation and Cure Time 6-8 Days 2-4 Days 1 Day
Installation Tempreatures > 50oF 20-110oF -30-140oF
Strenght of Bond to Concrete Very Strong Weak Very Strong
Maintenance Repair Cracks Recoat every 4-7 years None
Flexible No Very Very
Susceptible to Hot Tire Pick Up Yes No No
VOCs Low High Very Low
Odor when Curing Yes Yes No
Resistant to Oil Moderate High High
UV Protected No Moderate Yes
Can be Used Outdoors No Yes Yes
DIY Friendly Yes No Yes
Decorative Yes No Yes

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