Full Chip Floor System

OnWall Solutions Concrete Floor Coating chip systems provide decorative yet highly durable surfaces with the appearance of granite, marble or terrazzo.

OnWall Solutions Full Chip Coating Systems combine the very best in Polyurea floor finishing by Citadel Flooring with the highest quality decorative color chips by Torginol, Inc. using their signature ColorFlakes to create beautiful visual patterns that resemble marble, granite and terrazzo stone surfaces - plus a dynamic selection of contemporary color blends to suit your unique taste!

Our double layer system of Full Chip Coating is fast and easy to install, delivering permanent results with the amazing benefits of superior quality Polyurea floor finishing.

Our specific infusion of Citadel Polyurea and Torginol ColorFlakes have been tried and tested against countless other combinations of coating and vinyl chips, ensuring that we have achieved the most highly effective and smooth textured floor coat finishing combination; far more favorable in comparison to other brands of product which often result in rougher, more uneven floor surfaces.

Full Chip Coating is perfect for countless flooring applications in both commercial and residential spaces, offering a solidly resilient finishing that withstands against scratches, abrasion, moisture, mold and weather/temperature damage.

Our Full Chip Polyurea floors are perfect for installation indoors for bathrooms, bedrooms and basements as well as surrounding areas like driveways, patios, poolsides, balconies and especially garages.

Revamping and restoring your garage with Full Chip Polyurea floors is an amazing way to refresh your garage space and value to the equity of your residential property!

Polyurea is superior in strength, durability and performance to any line of epoxy floor finishings and offers 20 times the solid strength and surface coverage capabilities.

Non-toxic with favorably low VOC (volatile organic compound) makes Full Chip flooring a worry free choice for parents knowing that children are safe during activities on the floor and with the smooth and glossy surface of Polyurea, incidents or falls result in far less cuts, bruises and bodily harm compared to most other flooring surfaces available.

We offer both small and large chip color blends allowing further customization that fits your desires in esthetic appeal and families with kids often love taking the time to choose their favorite color combo before we get started!

After a single day work in application and curing, your Full Chip floor system is ready to go and with the immaculate resistance to stains, scratches and impact, you’ll always feel confident in any activity that may be taking place in your garage without worrying about scratching the floor or losing the smooth glossy effects of the coating.

Cleaning is a breeze! Our Full Chip Polyurea floors make it comfortable to clean/maintain your floors by repelling dust instead of absorbing it, resisting penetration from any fluids, oils, chemical or even gas solvents, meaning you can use any line of cleaning products in order to keep your shiny new floors squeaky clean!

Natural and artificial lighting bounce off of Polyurea, creating a semi-reflective surface that always contributes to vibrancy and brightness rather than absorbing light and creating a dim lit effect in the area.

By having our Full Chip flooring system installed, you get the advantage of our incredible lifetime warranty which comes with our confidence in the line of flooring products we use performing with triumph and resilience for decades to come!

Let us recreate your garage floors this year to last for countless years to come!

Call us now to book a Free In-Home Consultation to discuss your options and desires!

After we provide a Free Estimate on your new Full Chip flooring system, you’ll be looking forward to your beautiful new garage floor that will exude tasteful style and sheer perfection in functional performance!

Recommended Standard System:


Small Chip Full Broadcast Colors

small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Black Granite on Black Small Chip
small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Cobblestone on Tan Small Chip
small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Quicksilver on Grey Small Chip
small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Saddle Tan on Tan Small Chip
small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Shoreline on Tan Small Chip
small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Stone Henge on Grey Small Chip
small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Tan on Tan Small Chip
small-chip-full-broadcast-colors Wombat on Grey Small Chip

Large Chip Full Broadcast Colors

Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Camel On Tan Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Denim on Black Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Denim on Grey Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Domino on Black Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Domino on Grey Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Gravel on Grey Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Gunfint on Tan Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Gunflint on Black Large Chip
Large-chip-full-broadcast-colors Merlot on Tan Large Chip

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