Solid Color Flooring Systems

Solid Colour Flooring

OnWall Solution's Solid Colour Systems provide strong and bold floors which are guaranteed to be durable, strong, ensure chemical and abrasion resistance and offer incredible adhesion.

At OnWall Solutions we believe in using only the highest quality of any raw and manufactured materials towards our design projects, never compromising in our promise to deliver the highest standard products along with the best industry expertise in flooring systems!

This is why we’re proudly an official Citadel Flooring Finishing Systems applicator and strive to surpass the rest by using the very best in Polyurea coating systems produced within the industry! Our favourite line of Citadel Solid Color Systems have proven a triumph over any other flooring systems we’ve seen on the market. Through countless time-tested application experience, we’ve vigorously perfected our skills, knowledge and expertise to establish a standard of excellence in administering your new Solid Color floor coating with the top quality service that you’d expect when receiving the best flooring product on the market!

Polyurea is a unique and innovative compound that caters to the most important requirements out of flooring that play into factor today.

Solid Color floor coatings have soared in demand, offering incredible advantages in residential flooring applications; such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and outdoor patio/balcony, poolside, basement with the most popular of all - garages foors!

Solid Color Polyurea has effortlessly surpassed epoxy flooring in durability, performance and longevity, making it the leading floor coating system all over North America and the world!

What sets Solid Color Systems apart from epoxy and the rest, is its incredible durability that measures 20 times in strength, threshold and solid coverage - in just a single application!

With the famously fast downtime of only 1 day, Polyurea cures dry and the richly bold Solid Color coating system delivers vibrant color that can be as smooth or deep in hue as you desire, granting you a customized and highly efficient garage floor.

We offer a great variety of color choices in warm and cool mediums, including several shades of blue, grey, cream and tan.

Solid Color flooring systems offer all the amazing benefits in the innovative line of Polyurea coatings manufactured by Citadel and we offer the best warranty in the industry on top!

Once dry, your Solid Color System flooring will permanently remain incredibly resilient to any damaging elements such as scratch, stain, harsh chemicals, impact and abrasion.

The incomparable strength of our Solid Color Polyurea floors are perfect in resisting damage from heavy duty action, high caliber loads of weight as well as the ability to move heavy objects and hardware without friction or damage to your garage floors, even upon incident.

Solid Color Coating Systems are a permanent solution to water damage, mold and destructive moisture effecting your floors.

Polyurea is virtually impenetrable and thus cannot absorb or leak water beneath its enclosures which guarantees no worries in terms of floor damage upon flooding or leaks bleeding through to the ceiling of a floor underneath.

Not to forget the incredible relief that comes with knowing there’s no need for alarm regarding harmful chemicals, odours or VOC (volatile organic compounds) which is a serious and recurring concern for the use of safe and harmless industrial materials in the construction of any space.

And the best part of having brand new Solid Color Polyurea floors is that your glossy and light reflecting floors will always create a bright and inviting space that’s nearly effortless to clean and maintain, with incredible properties in dirt, dust and stain resistance!

Call us today and find out how we can help you get the best flooring system for your garage! We offer a Free Consultation followed by a Free Estimate towards your specific garage floors!

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