Custom Built-in Wall Units


Our custom built-in Wall Units are a sure way of turning the average and ordinary into the enticing and extraordinary – by creating a living space reinvented!

Adding this simplistically sleek and elegant touch to your living room, bedroom or study significantly changes the atmosphere and ambiance of any space.

Wall Units provide a wonderful source of display placement; for items like crystals, porcelains and antiques as well as books and various other items of decor.

Your Wall Unit can feature a customized panel to frame your entertainment system if desired, built to surround your home theater and act as the perfect frame around your television system.

Drawers and cabinets installed on the lower half provide incredible space efficiency for storage and arrangement of all the items you wish to have in the room without keeping in your field of view.

Our incredible selection of styles and colors invoke classic and modern concepts in design and are all accompanied by your choice in detail; such as knobs, handles and pulls; plenty of features to add the comfort and functional value that caters to your exact preferences.

Raised Panel doors in White or dark wooden tones, display a timeless style that blends harmoniously into your home and offers amazing storage options with adjustable shelves that provide adequate volume and capacity for items you wish to sort out and keep in easily accessible means while out of sight.

Our expert team of space efficiency experts specialize in the cutting-edge of modern storage solution concepts and deliver customized Wall Units to fit your exact desires and specifications after we have analysed the desired space and configured the possibilities of custom shape and size, according to both your preferences and the capacity of space in the area in question.

Display Wall Units
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A perfect Wall Unit compels the creation of seamless space efficiency that in fact adds appeal and sophistication to the interior design of your home, while granting incredible storage solutions that work cleverly behind the scenes in providing immaculate order and organization to any room, space or section you wish.

We begin the process by coming to you and getting to know exactly what your interests are in terms of how and where you wish to use your Wall Unit.

You may choose out of our wide and all-accommodating palate of hardware colors and styles, once you’ve chosen your prospect design, we can help find the perfect combination of elements to bring forth a desired vision. By creating a virtual model using the background concept of your own home, our high-tech 3-D imaging system is used to create an accurate perception of the end result.

Your input and second thoughts can always be implemented to alter the design to achieve your ideals and creating 3-D virtual concepts allows us to grant our customers every freedom and authority in design execution as we go along.

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And book your consultation session. You’ll be amazed at the difference a custom built Wall Unit can make, in bringing about that dramatic change you’ve been dreaming of and stop searching for another house. Let OnWall’s expert team show you how to turn where you currently reside – into your personal dream home!

Call us now and find out what we can do to grant you a new space and the lifestyle that goes with it!



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