Cabinetry Installation: An Added Benefit

October 15, 2014

Cabinetry and insurance rates. Yes, it seems unrelated and completely disconnected. How do the two interrelate? This may take you by surprise.

Have you ever thought about the different and many factors that come together to contribute to lowered home insurance rates? You may have pondered about maintaining your good credit report; installing a security or alarm system or making your home completely and totally fire-proof; you probably have thought about all of the different ways that you can ensure that your home is resistant to disaster of any kind (i.e. theft, vandalism, flooding, etc.). Have you ever sat down and tried to reason as to why your insurance rates are so high and what you can do to bring them down? Think about the many factors that insurance companies take into consideration when providing insurance premiums to homeowners.

At the very core of home insurance is protection. As a homeowner, the ultimate goal is to protect all of the goods and valuable belongings that live within your home. A home insurance policy is structured in such a way that it guarantees, certifies and warrants utmost protection for those living within the household. This ultimately means that if by chance anything should happen to your belongings in the event of a misfortune, there is a policy in place to protect you and your loved ones with replacement benefits. For example, if there is a fire within your home, there is a policy in place to protect you and ensure that whatever can be replaced, will be. If your home gets robbed and valuable items (i.e. your engagement ring, necklace your grandmother gave you, picture frame from an old vacation, a necklace that you got for your christening, etc.) go missing, there are policies in place to establish protection.

Just consider all of the extra valuable belongings that may be around your home and/or garage that upon break and enter, could be stolen. Think about the insurance policy that provides you with a rate for your home, taking your lifestyle, routines and choices in to consideration.

Now you may be wondering how exactly cabinetry and insurance rates interrelate? Locked and secured cabinetry is viewed by insurance companies as theft-proof items or investments. The less of a chance that your home is susceptible to theft and robbery, the less of a perceived threat you are to insure. Compare home insurance to car insurance; any vehicle that is considered to be a more ‘commonly stolen car’ by insurance companies are higher to insure. It is similar for home insurance policies. The more that you, as a homeowner, do to protect your home and its belongings, the less of a burden you are to insure!

OnWall Solutions’ garage cabinetry comes in various forms, colours, styles, and can aid in a tidier and more organized space, but one additional and important benefit that not many people think about and is often neglected, is the added protection it provides homeowners and the probable effect it has on decreased home insurance rates.

…and there is some food for thought!