Home Garage Car Lift

A car lift may be your answer to finally having a functional garage that you can pull in and out of with ease everyday without having to constantly move one of the household cars or park elsewhere on the street and deal with traffic law hassles.

Our Restomod Canadian made car lifts are built with the highest industry standards right here in our own backyard, saving you money on product import costs, while delivering a high quality domestically built car lift system that’s been designed with uncompromising adherence to perfection in leverage, safety and performance. With our full range of car lifts, available in different sizes and load bearing levels, you receive a warranty that is truly becoming of a premium Canadian engineered product like the Restomod line, offered by a proudly Canadian company like OnWall Solutions - let us show you how easy it is to bunk a car on top and forget your garage parking space worries!

Home Garage Car Lift

Small garage?

The perfect solution for both car enthusiasts and anyone who has more cars than parking spaces. Our units are made in Canada and are delivered and installed by our professional team in a timely manner. We offer a large variety of sizes and weight capacities to accommodate all your needs at an affordable price. Like all of OnWall’s products, our car lifts come with an industry leading warranty. Ask us for more details.

Home Garage Car Lift-1

The RestoMod DX is our most popular 4 post car storage lift. With an 8,000 lb capacity, the rugged, yet compact design allows installation in a space less than 120 sq-ft, instantly increasing usable vertical space.

Home Garage Car Lift-2

The RestoMod XL increases capacity to 9,000 lbs, offers greater lifting height and a wider approach to accommodate trucks, vans or SUVs. The higher lifting capacity and wider ramp configuration also allows more access under the vehicle giving you more room to work when servicing.


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