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How would you personally rate the current level of utilization when it comes to your garage? Is a space in which to park your car and an organized chaos of miscellaneous items and hardware, truly a suitable vision for a part of your home that’s ready to give back tenfold after a bit of attention?
Most Canadian homeowners view their garage as a secondary space in comparison to all other counterparts of their home. But why?
A common reason for most poorly utilized garage spaces is due to the subconscious notion which tells us, “I’m barely even in the garage and besides, no one else can see what’s going on in there anyway.” If such a thought does ever incur in relation to your garage, the truth is that it’s cheating you out of a garage which can not only integrate with your home as a primary space but will also be the very one to literally bring about a groundbreaking lifestyle change - one that you’ll never believe you were going on without!

More and more Canadians are realizing the value of space as a crucial commodity which responds to everything about their overall daily activities and lifestyle. OnWall Solutions is the company dedicated to granting homeowners the extra space on their own property which they never even knew they had! We’ve directed our passion and ceaseless resources into helping Canadians live without the unnecessary everyday hindrance of poorly utilized space by transforming a garage of tip-toeing and evasive passage, to one that exudes your mastery over your space!

Garage Ceiling Storage Systems

By recognizing the value and high demand for more space within today’s household, OnWall Solutions has put forth the means to lead in modern advancements towards space efficiency with incredible innovations by turning cluttered, underutilized garage spaces, into highly functional, fully customized and superbly sturdy, storage space systems that literally work for you!

The first place to consider in safely and efficiently multiplying your garage space is hovering right above your head - your garage ceiling and the unused space of empty thin air under it! OnWall Solutions offers the best in garage overhead systems, delivering ceiling mounted storage solutions which can be put to work as an easily utilized series of suspended storage units which give you back the once scarce and oversaturated space on your walls and floors!

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We offer premium quality, high load-bearing, custom built overhead storage units and mezzanines to suit your specific desires in storage capacity and functional performance! Whether you’re a couple, a family, a business owner, an avid hobby enthusiast or just someone who appreciates incredible proficiency and all the benefits of superb organization, OnWall Solutions can enhance your lifestyle by creating room - where there previously was none!

Customization is a key factor in how your overhead storage units play into the dynamics of your requirements from an adequately organized garage.

By installing OnWall overhead storage systems, we can fully optimize the magnitude of space required to store anything from bulky seasonal items/hardware and tools to sports gear and objects too large, space consuming and underutilized for indoor storage which often get in the way of the quality of life within common living areas in the home. OnWall overhead storage units and mezzanines are manufactured to withstand the highest amongst any overhead racks out there on the market today, with an incomparable 1000 pounds of load-bearing muscle per unit!

Changing the functionality of your personal space and environment will powerfully affect your daily life and by creating a true extension of your home through a space-optimized garage, you’re taking the first step! Suspend the family bicycles in a place that’s out of the way yet visible to the eye, inviting you and your loved ones to go for that ride every time! Put your hobby material in a place where it’s not under so many other stored items that you fail to even keep your enthusiasm alive towards your passions! Get things out of your way and clear your path towards innovation, triumph and the true merits of bountiful daily activity!

Our team of ingenious space optimization experts will grant you the latest in modern space efficiency! And you’ll no longer have to deal with hoards and mounds of infrequently used items piling on in your garage and disassociating a perfectly viable part of your home into a secondary and avoided waste of space!

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OnWall will show you how to make room for new passions in your life, towards your sports, arts/crafts and hobbies by creating the perfect space to usher in new beginings and continue those which you’ve let go of due to the frustrations that come with a lack of space. Have a place for the items you want to keep safe and out of general everyday reach from kids or others whom may be endangered by them or jeopardize the items if they’re antiques or delicate objects for instance.

We can get started right now!

To begin the process, a consultation takes place in your home to discuss your desires, while your specific space is professionally analyzed by a member of our design team and the possibilities are weighed in.

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And book your consultation session. You’ll be absolutely amazed at the ideas and possibilities dormant in the nooks and spaces of your own home!

Call OnWall Solutions now and find out what we can do to help you achieve your new space and the lifestyle that goes with it!

Ceiling Storage Unit

Size: 4´ x 8´ Commercial Grade Overhead Rack.
Colour: White
Storage: 27.5" Min. to 39.5" Max. (Adjustable) - Can be cut down.
Weight Capacity: 750 LBS.
Metal Thickness: 10 gauge Mounting Track (Thickest). 16ga. down tubes.
Rack Clearance: 29.5" Min. to 41.5" Max. (Bottom of rack).

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