Get Your Closets Ready For the Winter

September 21, 2016

Canadians think of the word “winter” differently than the rest of the world. To us, winter means warm Timmy‚Äôs coffees in the morning, regular ice hockey games, and tobogganing with the family. Every single year, we witness extreme weather changes, and we need to dress accordingly. Seasonal clothing can take up a huge amount of space in the home. To avoid wasting your living space, it is best to create a smart and season-ready closet that segments your items according to the time of the year.

First-In, First-Out

Follow the smart rule that large inventories use: first-in, first-out. When you are sorting your clothing items, keep in mind that the first items that you see in your closet is usually the first ones that you will use as it is the most convenient to reach. With enough space, you could put the current season items first while putting the next season items next. Meanwhile, put all other season items away from your sight. Establishing a great first-in, first-out cycle will help keep your closet season ready all year round.

Within and Out of Reach

Complementing the first point, you obviously would want to keep items that you need within your reach. Separate your closet into three different levels: top, middle, and bottom. Top level is where you put things you won’t need until the season changes. Middle level is where you store the things that you use daily. Bottom level is for items that are multi-seasonal, such as scarves and light sweater. The level system will guarantee that all the available space in your closet is used.

Multiple Compartments

Multiple compartments will help you keep everything in order. Make sure you have a clear order where some items have to be stored in. For example, separate your gloves and coats in different compartments. Ensure that you only store items in their designated compartments; this will help you locate things tremendously.

Box and Label

Organize all your unused seasonal items into a box and label them correctly. You could also compartmentalize the box into several areas. For example, you could put things that are related, such as earmuffs and winter face cover, into the same box. Boxing your items will help you organize your closets much more efficiently. As long as you ensure that the boxes are of similar dimensions, these storage boxes could be stacked and kept organized easily.
Use the tips we discussed today to help you create an efficient closet space that will allow you to store seasonal items quickly. An effective closet will definitely help you prepare for any kind of season, especially winter. At OnWall Solutions, we are committed in helping our clients design and enjoy a living space that is most suited to their needs and lifestyle. If you are thinking of redesigning or reorganizing your closets to keep seasonal items separately, feel free to call us at 1-877-466-9255 for more information or to setup an initial consultation with our design experts.