Clutter-Control with Cabinetry

October 10, 2014

Garages are utilized differently from household to household. Aside from its initial intention which is basically providing cars with a secure and weather-tolerant “home”, garages are more modernly used for storage purposes. We all have those moments where we wish we had that ‘extra storage space’; or those times where we wish things would be ‘just a little neater’. As such, garages ultimately provide a clutter-control solution for homeowners. These days, garages are commonly used to store items that may not have a home within the house. A very easy solution is garage cabinetry which has become paramount to decluttering your home and ultimately seeing those floors once again!

All of the ordinary and common household items from old furniture, boxes of old clothes, tools (both indoor and outdoor) to summer patio furniture, gardening accessories, machinery, bikes, etc., can all be stored in your garage; better yet, they can all be stored in a clean, organized and meticulous manner. The idea here is not to just throw all of the items that you cannot find a place for in your house, in the garage, but to implement a neater and systematic way to declutter your clutter!

The design, colour, placement and accessibility is completely discretionary and can be tailored to each individual person or family’s needs. Perhaps you would like wall cabinets that are large for bigger objects. Modular cabinets can be mounted on walls and can be made in to larger or smaller compartments. Potentially a set of drawers are better suited to store all of your small tools laying around in different places within your house. Onex steel cabinets are designed to provide high-quality, protective storage solutions which delivers resistance to damage caused by weather or chemical wear and tear. The options in style, colour, usage are endless!

Now, aside from the storage process and design availability, cabinetry is an easy solution to those common yet unfortunate household accidents. Have you ever tripped over an object on the floor and stubbed your toe? How about falling over something and gracing the floor with your face? The answer to this is to declutter your house, and arrange your garage in such a way that your garage does not become a source of similar injuries. The idea is not to clutter your garage!

Organization reaps many benefits. For starters it facilitates a more balanced lifestyle – it minimizes wasted time spent searching around and maximizes productivity – time spent elsewhere (i.e. on friends and family). As a result, time management will improve assisting in achieving objectives – you will be able to better accomplish things more efficiently, positively and successfully. This all means that you will waste less time and money once you are organized!

From white cabinets to steel or aluminum cabinets, drawers, racks, sliding doors, or overhead storage, the size, material and design is your oyster! Declutter your home, organize your space, and decrease the prevalence of household injury…and do it all in style, with the many to choose from!