What Colour Should You Paint the Garage

September 29, 2016

Your garage can be one of the most important parts of your home. It stores your most precious memories. It is the space in your home where you practise your favourite hobbies. For some people, it is also the first space that they will enter when they go home with their car. With a wide array of functionality, it might be difficult to decide the best colour for your garage. Let’s discuss a few pointers that can help you decide which colour is best for your garage.

1. Lighting

The most important consideration that you have to think about is the light level that is needed in your garage. If you do a lot of carpentry works or car repairs, for example, then you would want a lighter wall colour as you could need more light to help you see better during the work. On the contrary, if your garage is mainly used as a storage, then you might want to choose a darker shade to keep your garage space cooler.

2. Functionality

Following step 1, you have to consider the functionality of your garage further. For example, while it is better to have a lighter shade for your wall if you do car repair, you might need to avoid pastel colour as it would get ruined by accidental oil spill. Think of all the possibilities that might occur when you or your family member is using the garage. The worst thing that could happen is when you need to repaint when you just finish doing so.

3. Colour Coding

The next step that you need to take into account is the option to colour code your garage. This will help you use your space more effectively as it will keep the area in order. You will know exactly which items go where. Depending on the number of the item categories that you have, you will need to choose several different colour or shades to differentiate them. Make sure you find colours that match well together. You could easily find suggestions for different colour palette online.

Pro tips: You could even create a special wall part to write down your to-do list. Use a special paint that could withstand markers and clean the list every time you’ve completed your tasks.

4. Finishing

Last but not least, the way the wall colour looks will slightly depends on the wall finishing that you choose. Note that some wall finishing ─ such as eggshell and semi-gloss ─ are more durable than others.
Keep in mind that the colour that you choose for your garage will influence your mood on a daily basis. The colour that you choose should reflect both the garage’s major functionalities and your personality.When in doubt, always consult the experts at OnWall Solutions. If you are looking for more information or pointers, feel free to call us at 1-877-466-9255 for more information or to setup a consultation with one of our design experts.