Garage Cabinets in Cambridge

Yes – your garage can be organized, orderly and stress free.

For garage cabinets in Cambridge, and throughout the regional municipality of Waterloo, OnWall Solutions can provide it all – from the beginning of a project to the end. OnWall Solutions is well known for its full service approach: we have the design staff to help you plan; the product experts to help you choose the cabinetry; and the installation crews who deliver top quality results every time they install new garage cabinets. We know how to make the best use of a garage space, and how to allocate and position cabinetry to take full advantage. We can also provide the customized components and accessories that allow for optimum use of every nook and cranny of space. And we are always on top of new products and new product ideas.

At OnWall Solutions, we believe in the value of brand name products, including the abundance of garage cabinet products available in the market today. Aside from all of the marketing and advertising chatter, there’s a lot to be said for brand names. And the cabinet manufacturers that we stock are more than just advertising slogans – these are companies that believe in their products, and place a great deal of value on their reputation. All of the manufacturers we deal with offer the highest standards of product quality, and are always making improvements to their products. For a reputable manufacturer, product quality takes shapes at the initial design stage, and continues to the production and manufacturing stages.

One of the brands we carry is Ctech™ – these are aluminum cabinets, innovative in design, and well made for the long term. The Ctech™ product line is well regarded and highly respected amongst commercial garage operators and those in the car racing industry. They offer proprietary product designs, and various patented components – so for the more sophisticated shopper, Ctech™ garage cabinets are becoming a preferred choice. Let’s face it – if it’s good enough for the commercial garage, it’s certainly a good option for the residential garage. These are cabinets made of aluminum; lightweight in structure; sturdy; and very easy to maintain. The cabinetry is affixed with Motionlatch™ handles, doors and drawers and are super easy to open, without popping open needlessly. These are patented add-ons designed to deliver an extra degree of product quality to a more demanding consumer.

Onex garage cabinets are another example of product quality, with garage storage solutions that incorporate function and good looks. The cabinets are designed to deliver practicality and durability with a modular approach – this is a cabinet system that can be easily expanded as needs change, and easily reconfigured to accommodate storage needs as they change from time to time. We often start with a basic cabinet layout, depending on a customer’s budget, and continue to add cabinetry and accessories based on the need. Onex products are ideal for the garage, but also designed to be multi-use – an excellent choice for the laundry room; for the home-based workshop; even for a patio or deck. These cabinet configurations provide the perfect opportunity to arrange and organize the garage into a space that looks good, and works well, regardless of size. Onex products are manufactured with advanced stainless steel, top-grade wood, and a steel powder coating that’s available in a wide range of beautiful colours.

Clearly, the motivation behind installing new garage cabinets is to get organized – to finally get everything under control, to get our stuff better consolidated, and maybe even to get rid of some stuff. Most of us would prefer a garage environment that is orderly, with storage options that make sense: the ability to stash things away easily; the facility to find things when you want them; and the ease of accessibility without any hassle. In addition to having things look good, the storage space also becomes an easy-to-manage experience. At OnWall Solutions, we’ll start off with cabinet ideas first – you’ll be presented with computer-generated storage designs that fit the size and space of your garage. The presentation gives a realistic idea of how everything will look when complete – but it’s a process that allows for discussion and debate, while making changes and adjustments, and moving things around in a virtual space. Working with On Wall means working with a focus on your needs – we are there to help you adapt your space, satisfy your style, and meet your budget constraints.

Whether you’re updating or upgrading, refurbishing your garage can be easy and stress-free, especially when working with professionals like On Wall. We bring it all together, with free in-home consultations, and a planning process that sets the stage for a successful installation. We think it’s worthwhile to properly plan things out, and very worthwhile to do everything right the first time. There’s a lot to think about: cabinet configurations – cabinet sizing and layouts – and product choices – and with the experts at On Wall, you’ll have an objective view, including new ideas and innovative product choices.

The benefit of working with the experts is taking advantage of a streamlined process that starts with planning and design, and ends with flawless installation. The process at On Wall Solutions is seamless, with quick turnaround times, scheduling to suit your lifestyle needs, and quality workmanship that delivers full customer satisfaction. On site, there is minimal disruption, all your belongings are treated respectfully, and we properly clean up our mess, our garbage and our debris. If you want, we’ll even put everything away in the newly installed cabinetry.

For garage cabinets in Cambridge, and throughout the regional municipality of Waterloo, On Wall Solutions is your choice for brand name products, storage ideas and options, and expert installation. It’s time to make the most of your garage space – with quality products that deliver reliability, aesthetics, and long-term gratification. Whatever your garage size, our people will find the garage cabinets to suit your space, whether we’re installing on the floor, on the wall, or on the ceiling. Welcome to your organized and orderly garage.


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