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Making optimum use of the garage makes sense.

For garage cabinets in Guelph and throughout many of the communities of Wellington County, the experts at On Wall Solutions can provide you with everything you’ll need for a complete job. We have an excellent selection of brand name products; our installation expertise is the best in the industry; and our extensive customer service will lead you from the beginning stages of your project to the end. We’re known for our full service approach: our design staff will assist you in plotting out your new layout; our product specialists will help you choose the cabinets that meet your needs; and our installation crews will finish of the job with flawless results. At On Wall, we know how to make optimum use of a garage space, and how to take full advantage of the floors, the walls and the ceiling. And where necessary, we can customize cabinetry, storage components and accessories so that every space is utilized to the max.

The fact that you want to install garage cabinets means that you’re ready to get organized – to get all that “stuff” properly arranged; to better consolidate the seasonal items; and at the same time, to get rid of useless stuff once and for all. For many of us, an uncluttered garage, with good storage and a tidy appearance makes a lot of sense: it allows for stashing and stowing in an orderly manner; it makes finding things much easier and less stressful; and overall, it makes for better access when you need something. Beyond having things looking good, garage storage should also be practical and easy-to-manage. So at On Wall Solutions, we start off with cabinet ideas that reflect your needs and your lifestyle requirements – our design team shows you computer-generated designs with cabinetry that perfectly fits the size and shape of the garage space in question. This kind of presentation allows for a realistic view of how the garage will look when finished – but it also allows for a two-way discussion, with plenty of room for design changes, and lots of opportunities to move things around in a virtual environment. Our primary focus is on your needs, and we want to be an integral part of the process – enhancing your new space, satisfying your taste and style, and meeting your budgetary parameters.

In terms of storage solutions and product lines, we recommend many of the industry brands, including the wide array of garage cabinetry sold in the market today. Leaving aside all the marketing and advertising claims, brand name products have a lot to offer, and the cabinet manufacturers that we stock offer a lot more than just advertising slogans. These companies stand proudly behind their products, and stand firmly behind their corporate reputation. All of the manufacturing companies that we deal with fabricate product lines of the highest quality, and are always on board with enhancements and improvements.

By example, our Hercke™ garage cabinets represent a top quality storage solution, and incorporate function and aesthetics into every piece. Their cabinets are designed to be practical and durable, with the added feature of being modular – it means that any installed system can be expanded, as one’s needs change, and even fully reconfigured to accommodate significant changes that may arise. With Hercke™ garage cabinets you can start with a basic cabinet layout, depending on the budget, and continue adding and changing cabinetry and accessories, depending on the need. The product line is ideal for garages, regardless of size, but also an excellent option for a laundry room, a workshop or hobby area, even an outdoor patio or deck. This kind of modular cabinet setup provides an ideal opportunity to transform a garage space into a storage environment that looks good and works well, regardless of the layout. Hercke™ products are made of advanced stainless steel, with high quality wood, and a steel powder coating that comes in a wide range of colours to suit every taste.

Another brand name that we stock is Ctech™ – a line of aluminum cabinets, boasting innovative designs, and high-end fabrication. Ctech™ products are highly regarded by commercial garage owners, and many in the car-racing world. The cabinets feature proprietary designs and a variety of patented components – these will be a favourite choice for the more discriminating consumer. Indeed, if it’s good enough for the commercial garage owners, it’s definitely good option for the more traditional garage. Ctech™ garage cabinets are made of high-grade aluminum, they are lightweight, yet sturdy, and the finished product is easy to maintain. The cabinets can be outfitted with Motionlatch™ doors and drawers, and are easy to open with a touch, but don’t needlessly pop open. It’s these kinds of patented add-ons that deliver the extra element of product quality that the more demanding consumer will enjoy.

Whatever you’re planning – a spruce-up, upgrade, refurbishment, or renovation – new garage cabinets can be easy to expedite, and stress-free to deal with. With the professionals at On Wall, we bring it all together, with our in-home consultations (free), our streamlined planning process, and installations that are sure to satisfy. We put a priority on proper planning, and we subscribe to the concept of doing it right the first time. For a successful garage cabinet revamp, there is a lot to consider: how to configure the cabinets; the size and shape of each cabinet; and the various product choices. With On Wall, you’ll get an objective perspective, with a bunch of new ideas and some very innovative product options.

The real benefits of working with On Wall Solutions come with the streamlined approach to the customer experience – it starts with in-depth project planning, continues with design ideas and options, and finishes with quality installation that is certain to satisfy. Our turnaround schedule is fast, we work around your lifestyle, and we do it all with minimal disruption. We treat your belongings respectfully, and we always clean up our mess, garbage and debris. And if you want, we’ll even stash everything away in your newly installed garage cabinets.

For garage cabinets in Guelph and throughout the many communities of Wellington County, On Wall Solutions is your best option for quality products and expert installation. When it’s time for new garage cabinets, whatever the size of your space, our staff will recommend the cabinets that perfectly suit the need, whether they’re going on the floor, the wall, or the ceiling.


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