Garage Flooring in Cambridge

It’s time to think of your garage as additional “living space”.

Depending on your family needs and your lifestyle requirements, your garage should be viewed as additional “living space”. It’s not necessarily for living, but it’s definitely extra, usable space that we could say is going to waste. While it’s true that many of us still use the garage as the local dumping ground, many more have realized additional potential. It doesn’t have to be a place where seasonal stuff gets stashed here and there, and it doesn’t have to be storage for things we will never use again – this is a space that can deliver much better value. Indeed, for many people the garage has been transformed into a productive working space: a workshop area; an accessible laundry “room”; even a well-maintained garage for the car or cars.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a two-car garage, or a standard sized garage – it’s truly a valuable piece of real estate. And when you think about recent increases in home prices, its clear that this space should be getting more respect. So where do you start? You may be thinking about a simple, basic re-organization; or a general refurbishing; or maybe a substantial renovation – whatever the case, flooring will be a consideration. And for garage flooring in Cambridge (and the regional municipality of Waterloo), On Wall Solutions can provide the selection of products and the extensive customer service to do the complete job, from beginning to end.

Garage-flooring experts usually suggest that the floor be left till the end of a project. It actually makes a lot of sense to take care of all the other work, extensive or not, before finishing the floor. Choosing the right flooring options is a serious consideration – there are many products on the market today, and so many new innovations every year, that it’s often difficult to decide which approach is best for the project in question. And, of course, there is always a budget to consider. In an effort to simplify things, professional installers start the decision process by recommending a choice between the two relevant options: floor coatings or floor coverings.

Floor coatings are applied to the floor, and usually involve tools and equipment that suit the application process. Floor coatings made of epoxy, for example, are ideal for repairing floor damage, and when applied properly, provide a desirable base coat. Epoxy coatings are also a good option when an odor-free environment is required. There are also some more basic sealing products designed to provide a basic level of coverage and protection, but these will deliver basics results, and over the long term there will be cracking, peeling and blistering.

Garage floor coverings, on the other hand, are products that are installed on top of an existing floor. And depending on product choice, floor coverings have the added advantage of mobility – in other words, you can move them around to suit your needs, or remove them completely. Interlocking floor tiles are a popular option for garage floor coverings, and provide some good benefits: they make a big difference in the appearance of the floor, with various colours and designs; they effectively cover cracks or stains; and they are easy to maintain throughout the year.

For some of us, the quick “cover-up” approach seems to be the one we like – but this approach delivers short-term benefits, and eventually you have to fix it, or change it, or repair it. Like everything, doing the job right the first time is best, offering the best results over the long-term. The professional installer will agree with this method, and will always begin with a proper prep of the garage floor – a comprehensive cleaning to start with; any repair work to avoid future deterioration; and a work ethic that does not include shortcuts. For more customized work, like floor insulation or a more sophisticated floor application, it’s a good idea to hire an expert.

Probably the most basic floor application has always been garage floor paint, like traditional concrete paint that is inexpensive and quite easy to roll on. But consumers should realize that results are also basic, and over time this kind of application has a tendency to deteriorate. The epoxy covering, on the other hand, is a much better product choice – this is a coating that is weather resistant, and becomes a finished floor that is heavy-duty and hardwearing. The preparation of epoxy, and subsequent application, is involved and sometimes cumbersome, so hiring a pro for this job might well result in a less stressful endeavor for the consumer.

With the right product information, making the final choice should be easy – for a garage floor, the product should be specifically designed for the garage floor! An outdoor patio tile that may look great is not a garage floor tile. A garage floor tile, intended for that use, is the way to go – and the options are varied: rigid plastic; flexible rubber; or wood composite. The interlocking feature also has additional benefits. Once again, floor tiles should not be used for hiding the old floor – damaged floors require repair, with cracks properly patched, and gas/oil/grease stains thoroughly cleaned. There is no substitute for doing it right the first time.

Garage flooring, like other home improvements, can be simple or complex. There’s a right time for a weekend DIY project, and there’s a time hire the experts, and for garage flooring in Cambridge (and the regional municipality of Waterloo), On Wall Solutions has those experts. Whether you’re re-organizing, refurbishing, or completely renovating, it’s a matter of using the right products, the right tools, and the right equipment to ensure a great installation.

At On Wall Solutions, our professionals understand the products because they install them year round. They also have the extensive installation experience, and the expertise to address issues and challenges, and recommend solutions that work. Our people will take you from planning to installation quickly and seamlessly, and with great results. We work with minimal disruption, and with respect for your personal belongings – and if you want, we’ll even stash all your “stuff” when the job is done.


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