Garage Flooring in Guelph

For garage flooring, make a choice between coatings or coverings.

Whether you have the luxury of a two-car garage, or a standard garage that will park a station wagon and nothing else, it’s still a valuable piece of real estate – and especially with the recent increase in home prices. You may be reorganizing all that stuff in the garage, or doing some refurbishments here and there, or doing a major renovation – whatever you’re doing, the garage floor will likely be part of the plan. For garage flooring in Guelph, and throughout Wellington County, On Wall Solutions can provide you with everything: a great selection of products; the best in installation expertise; and customer service that takes you from the beginning of a project, right to the end.

Throughout the industry, garage-floor professionals agree that the floor should be left until the end of a project. It certainly makes sense to do all of the work, whether its extensive or not, and finish the floor at the end. Making the choice of floor finish is an important decision – there are lots of product options today, and many new products every year, so it can be difficult to choose which one is best for the project you’re doing. Needless to say, budget constraints are always a consideration. We should all be looking at the garage as extra “living space”, depending on our particular needs, and our lifestyle requirements. It may not be for “living”, but it is certainly usable space that doesn’t have to go to waste. And while many of us still treat the garage as a dump and stash location, there is definitely more potential. When properly organized, the garage can still store all the seasonal stuff, all the usable stuff, and even all the stuff you’ll never use again – but it’s a space that can offer much better mileage. And for many of us, the garage is already delivering benefits: additional workspace; maybe a freestanding workshop; extra laundry facilities; even a great garage environment for the well-maintained car.

To make things simpler when choosing floor finishes, a professional installer will likely suggest choosing something from the two most common garage floor options: floor coatings or floor coverings. Coatings are applied directly to the existing floor, usually with tools and equipment that are designed specifically for the application. Floor coatings, like the ones made of epoxy, are a very good option for repairing damages to the floor, and for providing a resilient base coat. Epoxy coatings are often used when an odor-free floor finish is desired. On the market are also some basic sealing products that are designed for basic coverage and basics results – these are probably not great options for the long term, because deterioration is common.

The second group of products is floor coverings, which are installed on top of an existing garage floor. Depending on which product, a floor covering has an added advantage – you can move it around to suit your changing needs, or you can remove it completely, again depending on need. Interlocking floor tiles are a good example here, and a very popular choice for the garage: the tiles enhance the look of the floor with a variety of colours and designs; they do a good job of covering damages, cracks and stains; and they’re very easy to maintain from season to season.

Probably the most basic of floor finishes is garage floor paint, like that traditional concrete paint that is cheap to buy, and quite easy to roll on like ordinary paint. But you get what you pay for – and the results are also basic (with significant deterioration over the years). In this kind of situation, the epoxy finish is a much better product – installers recognize it as a coating that is weather resistant, heavy-duty, hardwearing and long lasting. Preparation of epoxy, and the application process is more involved than other products, so leaving it to the professionals will probably deliver a less stressful project experience for the consumer.

For some reason, we all want that quick and easy solution – and for garage flooring, the “cover-up” comes to mind. This will bring short-term benefits, and in the long run, more patching, repairing and changing. Doing the job right the first time is the preferred route, with the best outcomes for the long-term. A good installer will insist on his approach, and will also insist on a proper preparation of the garage floor before proceeding. This will include a thorough cleaning to begin with; all of the necessary repairs; and an installation approach without taking shortcuts.

With good product information, the decision-making process should be straightforward. Fundamentally, you should be choosing a garage floor product that is designed for a specific application, and addresses your needs. For instance, an outdoor patio tile that looks great to the eye is not a garage floor tile – so choose wisely. A garage floor tile is intended for that use, with various options that suit various needs: some are constructed of rigid plastic; others of flexible rubber; even others from wood composite. The ones that interlock have additional benefits. Once again, using the floor tiles does not condone hiding the old floor – a damaged floor should be repaired, and any gas, oil, grease residue should be thoroughly removed.

The best way to deal with garage flooring is to keep it simple. This may be the time for a do-it-yourself project, but it may also be the time to use an expert. For garage flooring in Guelph, and throughout the communities of Wellington County, the experts at On Wall Solutions can do it all for you, with the right products, equipment and expertise to deliver complete customer satisfaction. Our professionals know their products, because they install them; they have the installation expertise from years and years of experience; and they know how to work around challenges, and provide solutions. The team at On Wall Solutions will take you from the planning stages to final installation in a seamless and stress-free manner – and with the best results.


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