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OnWall Solutions is a leader in exterior and interior organization systems. We have been transforming spaces for almost a decade – spaces like garages, basements, sheds, and laundry rooms – and when we’re done, our customers enjoy organized, practical and efficient spaces.

In Toronto, and in the Greater Toronto Area, OnWall Solutions provides a full menu of services from planning, to design, to installation. Whatever the area in your home, we can provide storage solutions that work! We combine functionality with aesthetics, and utilize the top brands in the industry – brands like Hercke, storeWall, and HyLoft, each synonymous with quality and innovation.

We’ll help you get organized… once and for all! Our extensive product selection includes garage cabinets, slatwall systems, overhead storage, garage floor finishing, even car lifts. And for many of our customers, we can offer end-to-end service, including painting, electrical, and heating. It’s all done under one roof, and all done under the supervision of our highly skilled teams.

Our experienced installers are professional, polite, and prompt. They will complete your project quickly and efficiently, sometimes in the span of one day. We will remove junk, re-organize clutter, and store away everything… once and for all. Everything will be easy to find, easy to access, and stored as it should be, for proper care and maintenance.

These days, homeowners are using their garages for more than just dumping and storing. They want to create practical and usable spaces, thus extending living space. With OnWall Solutions, you can start small, or you can do it all. Whether it’s garage flooring or garage organizers, we can start with the basics, or we can do a complete overhaul – you decide!

We know that everyone has a vision, and we can help achieve that vision. It may be a workshop; a fitness space; a hobby area; a home office; or an antique car collection – no job is too big or too small, and every project is handled with the same care and attention. At OnWall Solutions, every space we organize is customized to suit style, need and budget. And whatever we install – a slatwall installation, a basic garage organizer, or more complex storage solutions, most everything is modular, and easy to reconfigure for future change.

Our customers are satisfied customers. As a company, we remain passionately committed to building our business, our brand, and our reputation. We have earned a trusted reputation, offering customers a lifetime warranty on service, and standing behind our manufacturers’ comprehensive warranties. These best practices have become an integral part of our business – just ask our hundreds and hundreds of satisfied clients.

In Toronto and in the Greater Toronto Area, OnWall Solutions has helped thousands of homeowners breathe easy, and bring order into their lives. Our installation service is available 365 days a year [regardless of weather] – DIY individuals can buy direct from our showroom – if you’re on-line, you can browse and shop 24/7 – financing is available for larger projects [OAC] – and don’t forget to ask about our FREE in-home consultation.

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