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When you’re finally ready to organize the garage…

If you’re shopping for garage cabinets, it probably means that you’re ready to finally organize the place – to get everything properly sorted; to consolidate it all according to category; and to set the stage for an uncluttered environment. You clearly want to stash things away without the stress, and to make things easy to find and easy to access at the same time. Yes – garage storage space should be practical, usable and above all, easy to manage. And at On Wall Solutions, we can do it all – we’ll present computer-generated layouts with cabinets that best suit your particular needs; we’ll work with you to make changes, and to move things around; and we’ll finalize a garage storage solution that enhances your space, satisfies your taste, and meets your budget.

For garage cabinets in Kitchener, and throughout the communities of Waterloo region, you can rely on On Wall Solutions for everything you need: we offer the finest selection of quality garage cabinets; the best installation experts in the business; and customer service that starts at the beginning of your project and ends with a flawless install. We’re well known for our full service attitude: our design people assist you with cabinet ideas that make sense; our product experts help you to choose cabinets that are well suited; and our installation crews arrive to finish the job with satisfactory results.

At On Wall Solutions, we understand how to best utilize garage space, and how to use the floor, the wall and the ceiling for maximum space utilization. Where it’s necessary, we can customize the cabinetry, the storage components and any of the accessories so all the space is utilized to the max. Our product lines include many of the industry’s best-known brands. These are companies that stand behind their products, and behind their reputation, and manufacture products of the highest levels of quality, and always with a view to enhance and improve those products.

Our Hercke™ garage cabinets are a good example of quality storage cabinets that incorporate functionality and good looks into each component. Besides being practical and durable, these cabinets are designed to be modular so that any installed system can be expanded according to changing needs, and even reconfigured completely when bigger changes are in the works. With Hercke™ garage cabinets, things can start off with a rather basic cabinet layout (depending on budget constraints) and always have the option of adding and changing additional cabinetry and components, depending on the need at the time. These products are ideal for the garage, whatever the size, but are also an excellent choice for the laundry room, a work area, a hobby area, or an outdoor deck. This type of modular cabinet configuration can transform an empty garage space into a storage environment that looks good and works well, regardless of size. Hercke™ products are manufactured with advanced stainless steel, high-quality wood, and steel powder coating that’s available in many brilliant colours.

Another quality brand that we recommend is Ctech™ – these are aluminum garage cabinets, with innovative design features, and with high-end fabrication. Ctech™ products are often used in commercial garage facilities, and are well respected throughout world of car racing. These cabinets feature some proprietary designs, and offer a variety of patented components that are all part of the cabinet system. Ctech™ is always a favourite for the more discriminating garage enthusiast. The truth is, if it’s good enough to be used in a commercial garage, its surely good option for a residential garage. Ctech™ garage cabinets are manufactured from high-grade aluminum, resulting in a lightweight, sturdy finished product that is very easy to maintain. All of the different cabinet options can be installed with Motionlatch™ doors and drawers (a patented design) and are super easy to open with just a touch. These are the kinds of specially designed add-ons that make a real difference – that extra element of product quality that every discriminating consumer enjoys.

So whether you’re planning a simple upgrade, or a more involved renovation, garage cabinetry can add a whole new dimension to the project. And dealing with the professionals at On Wall can become an easy-to-handle and stress-free process. We bring it all together, with free in-home consultations, streamlined planning and design, and expert installations that are bound to satisfy. We like to do it right the first time, so we put a special focus on the planning stage, because for a successful cabinet project, there’s a lot to consider: configuration of the cabinets; choosing the right size and shape of each component; and making the right product choice that suits the application. With On Wall, you’re going to get a whole new perspective, including new ideas that you may not have thought of, and some innovative product options that will add that extra touch to the project.

Working with On Wall Solutions comes with a good many benefits. It’s a streamlined customer experience that starts with some thoughtful planning, and continues with new design ideas, great product options, and top-notch installation that will satisfy for years to come. Our project turnaround schedules are fast; we make great efforts to work around your lifestyle; and we do everything with a minimum of disruption. Our teams make sure to handle your belongings properly and with respect, and you can rely on On Wall to fully clean up – we gather our mess, our garbage and any leftover debris – and if you really want, our staff will even put everything away in those brand new, professionally installed garage cabinets.

For garage cabinets in Kitchener, and throughout the various communities of the Waterloo region, consider On Wall Solutions as your best option – you’ll realize an excellent selection of brand name quality products, customer service that is hard to match, and the kind of expert installation that you expect and demand. When the time is right for new garage cabinets (whatever size of garage you have) we’re here to provide the cabinets that suit your needs, whether they’re installed on the floor, on the wall, or on the ceiling.


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