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For garage flooring, choose the right product to suit the need.

For garage flooring in Kitchener, and throughout the communities of Waterloo region, On Wall Solutions can provide you with everything you’ll need: the best selection of garage flooring products; the finest installers in the industry; and superb customer service that takes you from beginning stages of your project to a satisfying end. Whether you own a two-car garage, or a standard one-car garage, we’re here to enhance that extra piece of real estate. And we can help you with a basic reorganization or spruce up; a more involved refurbishing effort; or a major renovation. The fact is, whatever you’re doing in the garage, the floor will probably be part of the plan.

With crazy housing prices all around us, the garage should be considered extra “living space”. It may not be for traditional “living”, but it’s definitely a space that can be better utilized, and it doesn’t have to go to waste. Although many of us still use the garage for dumping and storing, it can be a lot more – when properly organized, the garage can offer way better mileage, all depending on your needs and depending on your lifestyle. For storage it’s ideal – even if it’s for the stuff you’ll never use again. But for many of us, garage space can deliver more: some additional workspace; perhaps a hobby area; maybe even laundry facilities. Truth is, there’s also nothing wrong with a super-clean, well-maintained haven for your favourite car, or cars.

When it comes to choosing garage floor finishes, the professionals recommend choosing from two common options: the floor coatings and the floor coverings. Floor coatings are the ones applied onto an existing floor, using tools and equipment designed to ensure the most effective application. The floor coatings (made with epoxy mixtures) are a good option because they can repair damaged floors, and provide a resilient base coat at the same time. An epoxy coating is used when the finish needs to be odor-free. There are also more basic floor sealing products designed for basic coverage, and consequently, basic results – these are not the best choices for long-term durability, mainly because of the eventual deterioration over time.

The second grouping of products is floor coverings – those that are installed right on top of the existing garage floor. This floor covering option has an added advantage over the others – you can move the floor covering to suit your needs, or you can completely remove it, all depending on your changing needs. Garage floor tiles are a good example, and have recently become a popular choice for many a garage floor. These tiles can dramatically enhance the look of the floor because they come in various colours and designs. They also effectively cover any cracks and stains, and are easy to maintain throughout the changing seasons.

Speaking of options, the most basic floor finish is garage floor paint – that traditional concrete paint that is cheap, and easy to apply. But like everything else, you get what you pay for, and the results from garage floor paint are also basic, with noticeable deterioration over the years. That’s why epoxy-based coatings are a better product – they are widely recognized as weather-resistant, hardwearing and long lasting. The preparation of epoxy floor coatings, and the application, tends to be more complicated than other products, so it might be best to hire a pro – it will probably turn out to be a less stressful experience.

Regardless of the project, garage-floor experts are in agreement that the floor should the last piece of the work. This makes sense, whether the rest of the garage work is extensive or not. The choice of floor finish is clearly an important decision, since everyone has different needs and different usage priorities. There are plenty of products to choose from, and new products every year, so its important to choose the one best suited for your project. Needless to say, budget constraints always have a bearing on final product choice.

Having reliable, reputable product information can make the decision-making process much more straightforward. Essentially, a garage floor product is designed for a specific application in mind, and has a purpose. An outdoor patio tile, for example, that looks great, is not a garage floor tile. A garage floor tile is intended for that application, and is designed for that particular use. Each will offer different features, and the ones that interlock will have obvious built-in benefits. To repeat, making use of garage floor tiles does not give one the option of hiding the old floor underneath – damaged floors should be repaired, and debris of any kind should be removed and cleaned.

Somehow, we’re all attracted to a quick and easy solution, and garage flooring is no exception. The “quickie-cover-up” brings short-term benefits, and more patching, repairing and changing in the future. Doing the job right the first time is always preferred, and usually delivers the best results in the long run. Good installers insist on his approach, and will reiterate the need for proper preparation of the garage floor before starting to coat or cover. This includes thorough cleaning of dirt, debris and residue, and properly repairing cracks and other damaged areas.

The best way to expedite a garage-flooring project is to keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible. You should know when its time for a do-it-yourself project, and when its time use an expert. For garage flooring in Kitchener, and throughout the communities of Waterloo region, On Wall Solutions can provide the experts and the expertise. We have the products you’ll need, and the installation tools and equipment to deliver a flawless job. Our professionals know their products well; they have years and years of experience; and they have the know-how to solve challenges, and provide solutions. Our customer service team will take you from the initial planning stages of your project, to the final installation, and we’ll provide a seamless and stress-free process (and of course, great results).


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