How to Organize Your Home Office to Make it Effective

September 26, 2016

For increasing numbers of Canadians, our homes are serving dual purposes of living spaces and offices. We try to make our home, a place where we relax, as comfortable as possible. It is equally important that we organize our home office into an effective space that will help us complete our best work possible, in an inspiring, organized, and creative atmosphere. Here’s some tips on how to get started.

  1. Plan Your Space
    Naturally, your office space needs to be planned according to your work. Jot down five most important tasks that you will need to do daily, and make sure that your space is planned according to these priorities. For example, if your work requires you to print many documents, then make sure you have a dedicated space for printing. Similarly, if you have to attend a lot of Skype conference calls, then make sure you have a great space to do so.
  2. Eliminate Distraction
    The last thing you would want during your work hours is another distraction. Sift through your office decorations and belongings, remove items that might distract you. Try to keep your office minimalistic, less means more.
  3. Keep it Easy to Clean
    Make sure that your office is easy to clean. Give yourself extra surface to organize your items so that your main working desk would not get cluttered. This will smoothen the process of instilling cleaning routine during your work hours. Clean desk equals to increased productivity.
  4. Encourage Creativity
    The best part of your work day must be the time when you are allowed to explore ideas or things that you like. Give yourself a space to evoke your creativity. There are many ways to do this, you could spare a space on your desk to place sticky notes. Or you could also buy a small white board and write down one new idea for your work every day. Whatever it might be, give yourself enough space and time to re-explore your interests and passions for your job.
  5. Prioritize Healthy Lifestyle
    Last but not least, your health should be a priority. Generally, many of us will spend most of our time working from our chair. Thus, you have to search for the best and most comfortable office chair and desk. Print out some desk exercises that you could do when taking a short break. Buy and set an alarm clock to remind you to take a short walk every other hour. Staying healthy will definitely help you to focus and become more prolific.

We know that the way that your office space is designed affects your productivity tremendously. At OnWall Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients use their space as best as they can to achieve their daily goals, and enjoy every moment. If you are interested in renovating or reorganizing your home office, feel free to call us at 1-877-466-9255 for more information or to setup a meeting with one of our home office design specialists.