Efficient Uses For Your Garage Space

September 19, 2014

Your garage is a probably one of the most underestimated rooms in your home, yet can be quite valuable for a homeowner. Whether it’s attached to your house or on its own, it can be used for more than storing your car. From a one-car garage, to a four-car garage, they all have a good amount of space. We tend to store seasonal items, DIY gear, bikes and more in there. You would actually be surprised at what else you can do with the garage space !



As we mentioned before, garages are a great place to store items that don’t belong in the home.  Make sure to choose an efficient storage solution. The space will be utilized much more efficiently that way.  Floor to ceiling shelves are a must and you will definitely benefit from them. Having a place for all your items will give you more room for what really belong in the garage; your car! You can even fit an extra fridge for bottled drinks and extra frozen food. Make sure to consider the storage conditions. For example, climate control, rodents, insects etc. Only store items that can tolerate the conditions.

Home Office

If you work from home or not, it’s always good to have a quiet space where you can be productive. It can be difficult to do work or even sort the bills in a busy household. A garage can be a great solution to this problem. You will most probably need to make it more livable and comfortable with some decent flooring. We offer easy solutions for floors and have a wide variety of materials and options on our website.

Laundry Room

If you’re living in a small place, the garage is a great place to install a washer and dryer. The laundry room tends to get quite cluttered with all the clothing piles, hampers, detergents, appliances etc. You may need to spend a bit of money to have some electrical work and ventilation installed. Having your space back in the home will be well worth it.

Game Room

If you have kids, we’re sure they would appreciate this. Especially if they’re a little       older and want a cool space that’s a little more private to hang out with their friends. As long as there’s good insulation, it can be a great “hideaway” for them. In order to make it a little more habitable, you can throw in and old “TV” or sofa for them. A Ping-Pong table or pool table is also a great addition. The kids will love the idea and even enjoy decorating it.

organized garage