Finding A Garage Style To Suit Home’s Décor

September 18, 2015

For many families, the most-used entrance to the home is not the foyer, but the garage. This means your family needs to go through an unpleasant cave into a functional mudroom on every return from work or school. Why not extend your already excellent home décor out into the garage?

The Possibilities

Although garage furniture tends to be Spartan and utilitarian, it does not need to be. It can also be attractive and utilitarian!

For useful furniture that stands up to the challenges of garage life, options include not only polished steel, but also colored vinyl, wood, fake granite, and more classic looking options. Due to advanced polyurea coatings, the heat and stress of power tools, and the chemicals of exhaust, will not damage the coloring of even the brightest, flashiest, match-iest cabinets.

Speaking of polyurea, it can also be used as a floor material. Polyurea floors can be combined with color chips to create stone or tile textures that do not wear down even when driven upon daily; giving you a fully functional, yet wildly appealing, option to vamp up the look of your space.

Finding a Solution

Your garage and your interior should match, but they do not need to match exactly. Most people think of the garage as outdoors, and will not visually expect it to continue the exact same scheme as the indoor areas.

Instead of thinking about exact colors and textures, think about theme. What is the theme of your house, and how can it apply to a garage? Here are some sample themes and some ideas for how you can support them with your garage style.

  • Classic North American

    Do you have a big farmhouse kitchen where tin coffee cups hang from the roof? Does your screen door open onto a whitewashed veranda? Then your garage should show a classic sensibility. Choose wooden workbenches and cabinets to best reflect your indoor decor.

  • Clean Open Spaces

    The feel of your spacious family room likely won’t translate very well if you’re trying to emulate the décor between two cars and a packed tool bench. Make space in your garage with closed cabinets, roof organizers, and even a car lift for ample floor space.

  • Femininity

    Some home décor schemes turn out a little dainty, a little colorful, and a little welcoming, which can clash horribly with a steel-and-concrete car dungeon. Inject light and color with a white floor solution and primary color vinyl cabinets.

  • Working at Home

    If your home’s workspaces (office, kitchen, laundry room, craft room) are all designed first and foremost to be used effectively, then consider doing the same for your garage. Clean, simple colors, good lighting, and efficient organizers might not say a lot about your décor preferences, but they say a lot about the way you work!

Whatever theme you choose, be sure to use flooring and cabinetry that are designed for garage use. Nothing would be worse than getting your garage style just right, only to have to redo it in a few years because the wear and tear has taken its toll. For more information, contact our team today!