Garage Cabinets Brands

October 7, 2013

Sometimes, there are good things to say about brand names. They are not always a bunch of words and slogans – companies often stake their reputation on their corporate name and on the various product names they own. Companies with good products always want to maintain and improve the quality of those products. In many cases, the high standard of quality starts at the design and production stage, and permeates through to sales and marketing, and right to the consumer’s home.
So it is with storage solutions for the garage, workshop, or hobby room. HandiWALL™ products are a good example – made of durable PVC, they can be easily installed in full 8’ or 4’ panels, and can be easily cut to size, so they fit smaller storage spaces. The HandiWALL™ system also allows for flexible layout options, and is very well suited for changing storage needs. To complete the picture, panels are designed to accept the full range of HandiACCESSORIES™, a huge selection of hooks, bins, and shelves, all of which can be arranged to custom fit any storage layout. Re-arranging and re-allocating is made easy with these well-designed, well-crafted products.
Another product group, Hercke™ Garage Cabinets, offers storage solutions combining aesthetics and function. Their purpose is utilitarian, but they are also durable, flexible and modular – they can be expanded and reconfigured to accommodate changes in storage requirements. Ideal for the garage, Hercke™ cabinetry is also perfect for the laundry room, kid’s playroom, home based office, even the outdoor patio. The cabinets are stylish and strong, and designed to withstand the outdoor elements – great way to create order and organization. Hercke™ manufactures their products with advanced stainless steel, furniture grade wood, and steel powder coating. And with a range of beautiful colours, this is a storage solution that will enhance any environment.
Ctech™ Aluminum Cabinets present another example of innovative, well made cabinets, with proprietary designs and patented components. Mainly recognized by commercial garage owners and the car racing industry, Ctech™ cabinets have recently become a great option for the home garage, and for the slightly more discriminating consumer. These cabinets are lightweight, yet sturdy, and are outfitted with patented mechanisms like Motionlatch™ handles, doors and drawers, and the GasketLoc™ countertop system – all design elements that bring an extra level of quality to each unit.