Garage Envy: Common Garage Organization Problems Solved

February 15, 2012

We all know that a finished basement adds value to a house. Very often families in Ontario are willing to pour money into updating their basement but overlook another room that increases value, the garage. An organized garage not only extends the useable space in your house, it also provides a clear space where a car can be easily parked. The experts at OnWall Solutions, a company dedicated to custom organization solutions across the Greater Toronto Area, have been helping people make their garage the envy of their street by fixing common storage problems.

Three common barriers to an organized garage include: proper seasonal storage, eliminating the ‘bumper pile’ and organizing tools according to seasonal uses while maximizing space.

Ron Binder, the owner of OnWall Solutions believes the key to tackling any garage organization challenges starts with creating usable space. One way to do that is by hanging seasonal items with professionally installed overhead storage racks. Winter tires, patio furniture, bicycles, skis, golf clubs and luggage can all be stored high up and brought down for infrequent or seasonal use.

Hanging, sometimes heavy, seasonal items goes a long way to eliminating clutter leading to a clean an open space. However, the ‘bumper pile’ still plagues many people. Bumper piles are all the items that sit behind your vehicle in the garage. Very often the pile seeps into the isle between vehicles and has a tendency to migrate with the movement of car doors. Garbage cans, recycling bins, lawnmowers, snow blowers often fall into this pile.

A quick and easy solution to the bumper pile, and other general garage clutter, is to install shelvingunits and hooks using Slatwall PVC Panels & Accessories. Slatwall provides a clean looking finish, is paintable and allows for the placement of hooks and accessories anywhere on the vertical slats. Slatwall helps to seasonally organize your garage because hooks, small shelves and baskets can easily be moved around. This kind of organization helps to prevent accidental damage to your car by minimizing your movement through the garage with tools in hand. For example, you can easily hang a snow shovel right beside the door and move it to a storage location in the spring.

Permanent heavy duty shelving, like Hercke Cabinets, also helps to maximize space by providing storage room for items that cannot be hung.

These are just a few ideas, a consultation from a company like OnWall Solutions can go a long way to helping flesh out storage and organization solutions that will increase usable space and add value to your home.