Garage Organization: Protecting High-End Car Investments

February 15, 2012

Often however, the garage that car owners keep their vehicle in is untidy. It could be because the garage is also a shop where modifications happen and tools are all over the place, or it could be that like most people, even though you have a nice car you also have a family home and lots of things to store in the garage.

Cars in a garage can be accidentally damaged when bicycle are moved in and out, when sporting equipment is being taken out of storage or when moving tools around for that home improvement project you are working on. A neat an organized garage that is professionally laid out will go a long way to protecting your high-end automotive investment.

Companies like OnWall Solutions, which services the Greater Toronto Area, can help organize a garage based on customized needs. For example, if you perform your own oil changes you need proper shelving storage for tools and oil. Covering the concrete with a polyurea coating will help make any oil and gas spills easy to clean up while protecting the floor from water and road salt. OnWall Solutions can even consult on car lifts for seasonal drivers that have a winter and summer car—no more paying for storage somewhere else.

If you have more of a family home, organizing the garage will make parking easier and provide protection from scratches and dings through daily family living. Seasonal items like snow tires, golf clubs, bicycles, skis and patio
furniture can be stored up high and taken down for use at the appropriate time.

The best way to get started on a garage re-organization project is to get a quote. OnWall Solutions can even help clear out old junk and items that are good for donation in order to prepare your garage for organizational heaven.