Calculating the Expenses of Garage Remodeling

July 29, 2016

Garage remodeling is no small task. Starting from cleaning up the garage to planning the layout, there are many factors to be taken into account. For successful garage remodeling, estimating the cost should be a priority, since going over budget can easily happen if you don’t plan ahead. Let’s discuss a few fundamental factors you should consider when calculating the expense of your garage remodeling.

  •  Garage Organization

The main purpose of having a garage is to have space and volume to keep either outdoor items or items that are rarely used. Naturally, having a great garage organization is critical to the successfulness of your remodeling project. The best way to organize your garage is to install high-end cabinets. These cabinets are especially designed to be spacious, adjustable, installable, safe, and easily accessible.
OnWall Solutions provide modular wood or steel cabinets. These cabinets are carefully designed by our expert team so that you can have a smart space to work and store your belongings in your garage. With premium quality shelves and heavy duty storage mechanism, our modular cabinets are perfect for commercial or residential application. We also provide add-ons to create wall-mounted cabinets so that you would be able to prevent water damage from any potential flooding or broken pipe. With these options and high-end quality, calculating your expenses become much easier and cheaper as cabinets that are long-lasting will lower your costs in the long term.

  • Flooring

Flooring for garage is undeniably the most critical part of the space. With extreme Canadian seasons, your flooring must be able to withstand extreme weathers from -40’C to +40’C and high pressure from the weight of your cars. Your garage flooring must also be able to endure abrasions, scratches, impacts, and harsh chemicals such as oil, gas, and reactive materials that you might use in the garage. Furthermore, the material must also be aesthetically pleasing as flooring is a big part of your garage interior.
With these requirements, we believe that the best way to save money during your garage remodeling is to coat your garage flooring with Polyurea. Polyurea is a coating material that is resistant to abrasive or hazardous chemicals such as solvents, bleach, and gas. It is an eco-friendly material that chemically bonds with concrete so that there will never be any peeling or cracking on your garage flooring. Polyurea is also fast drying with very little “cure time” and can be installed under any extreme Canadian temperature. Last but not least, OnWall Solutions provides a lifetime warranty to our clients so that we can help them maintain a perfectly coated flooring. In the long-run, we believe that installing Polyurea is economical and should be heavily considered when working under a certain budget.

  •  Space Layout and Other Services

The first thing that you should consider when remodeling your garage is how you are going to plan out your layout. Designing an efficient garage might seem easy, but given the fact that your garage will store many different items, many factors need to be considered to successfully attain the best design. For example, incisive measurements for both your garage space are needed to create a fitted furniture.
OnWall Solutions provides a design service to create a proposal for your garage layout. If you are in need of installation, junk removal, electricity installation or consultation, heating, we will be able to offer the best service with lower costs. Employing our services will not only guarantee that everything is properly installed, but will also save your time and give you the assurance that your garage has a safe, secure, and strong foundation.
If you are interested in upgrading your garage and are concerned about the costs, then it is best to consult a professional. OnWall Solutions provides an initial consultation that will help you determine the best plan and solution to remodel your garage within your preferred budget. Feel free to call us at 1-877-466-9255 to set up an consultation with our expert design team.