How Long Does it Take to Renovate a Garage?

August 26, 2016

Garage renovations can be basic or over-the-top – it all depends on individual desires, on space availability, and very likely on the project budget. Clearly, taking a DIY approach when it comes to garage renovations might turn out to be an “endless” endeavour – weekends and holidays that seem to take forever. On the other hand, a professional approach will provide certain benefits:  a fixed and consistent timeframe; countless design options; and workmanship that’s guaranteed. 
With a good plan, garage renovation can dramatically transform a cluttered, disorganized space into an environment that’s functional and purposeful. And again, depending on urgency, it could be expedited “overnight” or it could move forward consistently until completion. Planning, for example, should be deliberate and focused – it’s the only way to efficiently plan the initial prep-work; the design/selection of storage components; and the time frame for installing it all.
From stripping the garage bare, to having new flooring applied or installed, it’s quite important to be well organized throughout. And notwithstanding the DIY approach, choosing a garage storage specialist is going to be essential to successful outcomes. The professionals will recommend the most practical storage solutions, while maintaining a close watch on the project timetable, and the project budget. Best of all, components, accessories and workmanship will all be warrantied.

Clearing out the garage

To be sure, this part of the garage renovation can certainly be a do-it-yourself project. This is an excellent opportunity to throw away or get rid of everything that’s superfluous or redundant. The garage should be bare to the walls, and perfectly clean – in other words, ready for the renovation.

Designing a new layout

With a professional storage provider, a well-organized garage will comprise storage solutions for the walls, floor, and sometimes the ceiling. A good design layout offers a homeowner options for best optimizing the space available. Ideally, the design options would be computer generated.

Designating usage areas

Traditionally, garages have had their specific use. But today, things are different – a garage can be multipurpose, even to the point where it provides additional living space. Beyond storage, the space can become a tool workshop, a hobby centre, even a small freestanding home office.

Flooring is fundamental

It may not be top-of-mind, but garage flooring is fundamental to a renovation – particularly if the garage has a certain purpose. Here again, the professionals can offer a variety of options that can provide easy maintenance, as well as protection against solvents, chemicals, and petro products.

Choosing professionals

With a garage renovation, going with the professionals has definite advantages. For the team at OnWall Solutions, the priority is to provide in-depth expertise with custom cabinets, modular storage components, and state-of-the art floor coatings. Designers recommend innovative storage layouts that are efficient, functional, and esthetically appealing. Overall, the aim is to maximize the storage, while creating a space that is well organized, clutter free, and usable from end to end. Importantly, OnWall Solutions guarantees everything from storage components to installation.