Garage Renovations: Why Do I Need Anything Other Than Just Concrete Flooring?

December 18, 2013

So, you have decided to take the plunge and renovate your garage. Many people make the effort to renovate with the intention of simple organization but often miss one of the most important things that adds to the livable space in your home, the floor.

A finished floor offers a variety of benefits including: minimizing dust, managing weathering and providing a presentable finish that protects against unsightly oil and gas stains. One of the single biggest things a person can do to update their garage and really give it a complete feeling is to finish the floor.

Every garage is different. Some people renovate with plans other than just cleaning up. For example, some people aim to create the perfect working area for home upkeep and repair. Others are car enthusiasts and want to organize their garage so they have the perfect four season spot to maintain and update their car.

Whatever the reason for updating your garage, a finished floor will provide a complete feel to any updates. Polyurea finishes, like the one offered in the Greater Toronto Area by OnWall Solutions, is second to no other product on the market. It does not require annual re-application, it is resistant to staining from oil, gas and salt and it does not fade from prolonged UV exposure, which helps to ensure a clean finish is long lasting.

The most valuable part of a polyurea finish is that it helps to protect your garage floor from the most extreme forms of physical and chemical weathering. Prolonged exposure to cold weather, water and road salt can damage a concrete floor. Over time, cracks can widen and expand. A Polyurea finish helps to manage this problem by providing a barrier that salt and water cannot penetrate, which will help to extend the life of your garage.

These are just a few reasons to consider a professionally installed polyurea finish on your garage floor. Getting a quote from a company like OnWall Solutions will set you on the path to adding value to your home with a completely finished garage.