Transform Your Garage into Your Very Own Gym!

October 10, 2014

Forget the Crowds, Wait-Times and Costs – Transform Your Garage into Your Very Own Gym!

A garage can serve many purposes – a home for your car, storage purposes, asset protection, but have you ever thought that you could transform your very own garage in to the gym or training centre that you have always wanted?

In trying to assess why it is that people do not go to the gym, or better yet, stop going to the gym, it comes down to inconvenience. In assessing convenience, how do you view the large crowds of people, the wait times for gym equipment, the insanely high monthly costs and most commonly, the insecurity of feeling “watched” or “judged” by others?

What if you could transform the extra space in your garage into a small and personal training centre specifically suited to you? In considering the many different spaces that a garage can be transformed in to, a training centre serves both efficiency, health promotion and self-empowering. In transforming a garage to a gym, this means that the space, however you define it, will house equipment that is strategically suited for you and consequently way more effective when it comes to results.

In crunching numbers, the average yearly membership to a commercial gym is anywhere in the neighbourhood of $600 to $800 dollars – depending on your personal situation. Your personal situation may include factors such as corporate plans, discounts, connections, etc. For roughly $400 to $600 dollars, you are likely able to create this training centre in the comfort of your garage. Consider moving the treadmill or elliptical trainer you have into your gym. If you do not have a cardio machine, you can always consider purchasing one that is pre-owned. If you prefer to start with smaller and easier equipment, you can go the other route, starting off small and making your way up to bigger equipment.

To get your garage-gym ready, here are a few tips:

  • Consider re-organizing storage

    • Overhead Storage
    • A wall dedicated to racks and/or cabinets
    • Install a shelf/drawers
  • Keep a fairly decent portion of your garage dedicated to equipment

  • Space it out properly by using masking tape to draw out where storage ends and where gym begins

    • Alternatively, if the garage itself is large, space out where one car will go if parked, and where training can live

  • If you do not require storage, dedicate the entire garage to a training centre

Below is a list of training equipment and average costs that will fit into that $400 to $600 budget:

  • Weight rack – roughly $80

  • 2 Kettlebells – roughly $60

  • Chin Up Bar – roughly $40

  • Two plates (5lb, 10lb, 15lb) – roughly $30 – $40

  • Dumbbells (5lb, 10lb, 15lb) – roughly $30 – $40

  • Medicine Ball (15 lb or 20 lb) – roughly $30

  • A jump rope – roughly $10

  • Resistance band – roughly $20

  • Free Standing Punching Bag – roughly $100

  • Core Training Wheels – roughly $40

  • Thera-Band – roughly $20

Also, consider different colours, textures, and even previously owned equipment for differences in cost. Consider coating your floor, installing garage furniture and organizing equipment to make the training centre an enjoyable and neat place. The above-mentioned equipment and a regimented one-hour workout three to four times a week can be the key to a healthier, more fit and ultimately happier you!