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Built In Garage Storage Space Solutions

We offer storage solution systems and innovative design techniques to deliver a garage space that can have the leverage and functional capabilities that allow for an altogether different experience in garage space utilization.

Getting everything off the floors and using clever alternatives such as the walls and ceilings of the garage, is our main objective while using the floor space more efficiently than ever with garage storage furniture that’s heavy duty, custom made and built to last!

Our expert team of design technicians begin by helping to sort out clutters and organize items accumulated over the years to help you sift and filter through that which you choose to store in your garage and that which you choose to dispose of or keep elsewhere.

Once the space has been cleared it gives us the chance to begin installing your storage solution gear.

Our HandiWall slat panels surrounding the garage make for an incredible resource that helps in saving the available floor space and allowing organization and room for comfort.

Once slatwall panels are in place, we use a wide selection of hanging/suspending hooks, bins, baskets and lifts for any number of items to hang from the walls such as tools, ladders, extension cords, hoses, seasonal items, bicycles/helmets, sports gear, yard maintenance items like rakes, shovels/snow removal tools as well as various loose items.

We also offer a number of clever mechanisms like car lifts, bike lifts/suspenders, shelving, long-hanging tool fixtures, overhead ceiling storage/mezzanines and sports equipment storage pieces that can be mixed and matched to fit your exact requirements.

Recycling and garbage bins can be kept off the floor when not in use with a spare ready to go off the wall, once the occupied bins have been set outside for disposal pick-up.

Our custom range of sizes in overhead storage units allow for our powerful load bearing mezzanines and our superior quality overhead storage racks to hold a whopping 1000 pounds of weight; safely and efficiently with your choice of width and depth for ultimate customization and functional performance!

We also specialize in designing and installing custom built-in garage storage cabinets that are excellent for storing any number of heavy duty tools and equipment with organizing drawers, long spacious closets and work surfaces to allow all your DIY endeavors to be operated with ease and sharp functional efficiency.

Most of our customers love the unbelievable look of their new garage and request us to complete the fantastic overall design with a brand new Full Chip or Medici Polyurea floor coating to further enhance the big “wow effect” they were never expecting!

Garage Wall Cabinets
Garage Wall Cabinets-1

The possibilities are endless and the benefits are countless, so let us show you how we can help!

We are available to come and provide you with a Free In-Home Consultation that allows us to analyse your garage space professionally and hear your desires and ideal performance needs!

High tech 3-D Imaging allows us to create the prospect design and provide you with a free virtual tour of your own garage re-invented!

Once you have are satisfied with the virtual perception created by our design team, a Free Estimate on the project is provided to you and we can commence installment right away!


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