How to Keep Your Garden Tools Organized in the Garage

September 23, 2016

Fall is coming, and our Canadian leaves are ready to change their colours. Fall is the season that many garden enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating. Leaves falling, transitioning weather, and crisp autumn air will be here within the next few months, and so, if you’re a garden enthusiast, you should keep your tools handy. That said, the last thing we want is for you to clutter your garage with them. A cluttered garage is messy, and even dangerous if gardening tools are not stored safely away from children. Let’s discuss how to keep your garden tools safely organized in your garage.

Design and divide your space

Measure the dimension of your garage and list out all the different gardening tools that you would like to organize. Categorize your tools into several groups and divide your garage space accordingly to provide enough space for each group. Make sure to place enough walking or moving space in between groups.

Install cabinets and storage units

Enough storage units are definitely mandatory if you want a clean and clear working space. Research on a few different types of units that would suit your needs best. There are three main cabinets that are usually suitable for gardening tools stored in a garage:

  • Tall Cabinet or Toolbox

This type of toolbox is great as its height and compartments are often customizable. Its tall heights mean that you will be using your garage space as maximal as possible.

  • Mounted Cabinet or Shelf

These mounted storage units are flexible and convenient. They could be placed anywhere that you would want to, which means that there will be no wasted corner space. Just make sure that they are installed and used properly to avoid safety hazard.

  • Door-Mounted Storage

This type of storage is our favorite! The door-mounted storage will allow you to store gardening tools with bigger dimensions right at the back of your garage door. This is both space saving and convenient as you no longer needs to reach up or look for your gardening tools.

Keep your favourite tools handy

Purchase a mobile drawer that has decent multiple compartments and good safety features to keep all your favorite tools ready. This drawer could be the place to put your smaller tools such as garden pruners, garden trowel, transplanter, and many others. Keeping your favourite tools together in a drawer will keep every other area clean and organized.
Now that you know the tricks, it is time to implement them! An organized garage will help you find the right tools easily and complete tasks much faster. At Onwall Solutions, we believe that our clients deserve to enjoy their favourite activities without hassle. With our experience and expertise, we have helped thousands of Canadians improve their garage space. If you are looking to create a customized garage space for your gardening tools, feel free to call us at 1-877-466-9255  for more information or to setup a consultation with one of our organization experts.