Get Organize For Your Own Safety

February 7, 2011

This Spring get your Garage Safe with OnWall Solutions.

There is an important reason to get a head start on Spring cleaning this year… your families safety. Each year hundreds of Canadians experience garage related injuries that could have been prevented by effective organization. “The garage is often filled with junk and it is a disaster waiting to happen,” says Sick Kids physician Dr. Dennis Scolnik.

Working in the Paediatric Emergency Department, Scolnik knows firsthand how dangerous the garage can be. He’s treated children who have ingested paint thinner, were injured by heavy objects like skis and were trapped in old fridges and freezers stored in the garage. Scolnik strongly advises parents to be one step ahead of their children, before the disaster happens and to take the time to go through their garage and see what their children can get into. He recommends storing harmful chemicals out of your child’s reach under lock and key.

Ron Binder, President of OnWall Solutions is working to prevent disasters in the garage. “As a new father I am hyper aware of the dangers in the garage. No other room in your house has power tools, rat poison and fertilizer just lying around. That’s why we are encouraging Canadians to get their garage organized because an organized garage really is a safe garage,” says Binder.

Binder says there are 5 simple things parents can do to make their garage safe: make sure it’s well-lit, get the clutter off the floor, hang sharp tools on safety hooks out of your child’s reach, store poisonous chemicals in locked cabinets and always keep a fire extinguisher and first-aid kit in your garage.

OnWall Solutions is the Canadian Leader in Garage Organization. Since 2003 they have helped over a thousand homeowners transform their garage into safe,attractive, organized spaces.The OnWall installation process is simple. The first step is a free design consultation with an OnWall Design Expert. The Designer will create a free plan for your garage and prepare a cost estimate. Once it’s approved the OnWall Solutions Garage System will be professionally installed.