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How to design a well organized crafts room

When was the last time you truly enjoyed yourself by spending your free time doing what makes you unique and channels your inner interests and long time pursuits? Have you ever imagined the kind of quality time you’d be able to spend with your family or even with yourself, if given a space where you can get messy, express yourself and really let loose, without having to worry about the limitations of indoor living areas and small or cluttered rooms and workspaces?

Modern lifestyle enthusiasts have come to know the importance of creating a space within the home for true self expression, like hobbies, crafts or even just an undisturbed space for reading, meditating or viewing entertainment. Most homeowners believe they would require the luxury of a bigger house or more rooms in order to designate a space to something apart from general everyday living and home life. The secret is, you already have the potential space in your home, you’re just yet to use it!

At OnWall Solutions we specialize in reinventing, re-envisioning and recreating a simple everyday part of your home which may be underutilized; such as your garage, and providing the means to eliminate the clutter to organize a space made for infusing design concepts brought together to serve purpose and grant meaning to that space like never before!

Hobby Room Storage
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We are able to transform a simple space into space efficient and functional area dedicated to virtually anything you can think of! We utilize design elements and built in interior features such as modular cabinets, work tables for crafts and design space, slatwall panels for hanging and suspending storage units and tools/hardware of various kinds, shelving and surfaces that can be used to facilitate your hobby materials and completed projects and so much more - the possibilities are countless and it all begins with the simple notion of knowing that you can truly transform your garage into a the hobby room that will shock and entice anyone who walks in!

Whatever your hobbies may be, no matter how long ago you last indulged in what makes you happy, our expert design team can combine your desires with their expertise in space efficiency and add in the design elements that accommodate both optimized space utilization and your intended desires in hobbies. You might want to use your new hobby space for activities like drawing/painting/sculpture, scrapbooking, pottery, playing musical instruments, creating an indoor playroom for the kids, dance, yoga, drama, jewelry making, leather crafting, model building, hosting classes/sessions of some kind - you name it!

The whole family can have this extension of the house as a special place to conduct any manor of activities that can enrich and embellish their lifestyle!

The Design Process is almost as fun as the possibilities in your hobby space, we bring our years of experience in space transformation and analyse your specific prospect area and lend you our every expert ability in imaging the possibilities by rendering a 3-D Imaging model of your perception and intended use, combined with our design elements and built-in modules, providing you with a near perfect vision of exactly what we can do!

We will create as many renditions as needed until you are satisfied with the design prospect achieved and a Free Estimate on the complete project installment will be provided to you as well!

Getting started is the easiest part!

Contact us today and find out how we can begin turning your garage into a place where imagination and creativity seize the day!


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