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For over a decade, OnWall Organizers has successfully helped countless Canadian homeowners optimize their to create functional and highly efficient home office spaces.

You may use our custom home office furniture to facilitate work/study environment for yourself and the students in your family, a place to house your home entertainment system along with the right surrounding cabinetry for films/DVDs/gaming devices or you may be looking for the perfect desk set display mantel that offers storage, decorative showcasing and elegant shelving/cabinet cases for multi-purpose usage and esthetic appeal.

Our knowledgeable design team is capable of creating a home office that caters to your needs by applying innovative space efficiency and storage solution techniques, alongside our specialty line of desk cabinetry furniture that’s fully customizable to build you the exact model that fits the style of your home and the manor of your work.

Whether you have a room or den to dedicate to a home office space or you’re curious to know what’s possible with that certain corner nook you feel could have a lot more potential, we’re sure to exceed your expectations in utilizing space in your home like never before!

We can build custom fit L-shaped and peninsula-style desks into a space with all the necessary accessories/hardware as well as storage space compartments like drawers, tall and medium length cabinets with adjustable shelving and various clever design elements - all you have to do is pick your favorite style!

You can be in full control of your design in cabinetry/doors/drawers and color tone of wood finishing and even details like knobs, pulls and hardware to match your taste!

We make it fun and easy to customize with our incredible selection of eclectic styles, designed to suit a dynamic range of interior design preferences!

Choose your favorite style from: Raised Panel, Shaker, Pillowtop, Modern and of course the reigning champion in popular choice; is our Premier line of cabinetry which is famous among Canadian homeowners and interior designers alike for its timelessly chic, Italian artisan wood that features glass insets with interior lighting for opulent display casing in effortless style!

Home Office Cabinetry
Home Office Cabinetry-1

Your home office woodwork can then be set into the perfect tone of color to finish.

You might go for vibrant and sensual with “Warm Cognac” or “Candlelight”, a luxuriously dark tone like “Chocolate Pear”, you may choose the classic finesse of “Mahogany” or the romantic shade of our “Secret” color tone.

Choosing your furniture style accompanied by your favorite tone of finishing and hardware is the true meaning of owning custom interiors with personalized design!

Tall cabinets combined into your home office design can look fantastic and offer the best range of spacious storage options for items that are difficult to keep elsewhere which may be too long or unshapely to place in other drawers or shelves within your home.

Crown moulding is always an option for adding a bold edge to frame the overall design of your home office.

Call today! Find out how easy it is to get started and ask us anything you’d like to know!

With our Free In-Home Consultation for a full analysis and 3-D Imaging application for a virtual tour of your new home office, you’ll have a perfect feel for how everything will look when finished!

Following the final visual design module that is set to your satisfaction, we offer Free Estimates on the design prospect and can initiate the production process to deliver your incredible new home office furniture set - custom built to perfectly fit your home!


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