How To Reduce Clutter In Your Garage

September 24, 2015

Let’s be honest: most garages could use a bit of reorganization. But when a garage reaches the point when basketballs are rolling onto metalwork benches, it’s really time to sort everything out.

If you’re looking to finally get your garage organized after years of clutter, here are some ideas to get your garage on track!

  • Junk Removal Service

    Often, we clutter up our garages because some things are too much of a hassle to throw out. Large objects, broken appliances, and hazardous waste all tend to build up between trips to the dump. Save yourself the time and hire professionals. They know exactly what to do with each type of waste.

  • Overhead Storage

    Overhead storage has come a long way from the days of hanging bins on two by fours. New overhead racks allow you to stack, hang, or suspend your stored belongings. Many even fold up and down, allowing for easy access to your stockpiled goods.

  • Closed Shelving

    Open aluminum racks might be cheap, but they add to the feeling of clutter. They display all your junk at once, accumulate dust quickly, and generally end up being dusty, grimy, and overall unappealing. A better option is cabinets that close. They transform your garage from a family dumping ground into a professional workspace.

  • Seasonal Rotation

    Giving each object a special place that never changes is actually not a great plan. It leads to a lot of annoying work taking things down from high racks, and a lot of time-saving workarounds like just leaving skis and bikes on the floor, which increases clutter. Instead, work out a way to rotate summer and winter goods in and out of reach.

    Keep all in-season items in your easy-to-reach places, while your out of season items are placed in higher, less convenient locations.

  • Slatwall Accessories

    Slatwall is not just for hanging tools- it’s also for setting up specialized shelving and workbenches. Slatwall accessories include rollers for holding hoses and wire, magnetic holders for drill bits and small tools, low flat shelves for building materials, and more. There’s an accessory for every tool, and they can be moved around easily, meaning that you’ll always have the appropriate storage solutions for whatever is in your garage.

  • Electrical Upgrades

    If extension cords are adding up, consider adding new outlets in your next renovation. With more outlets, you can tie up electrical cables and cut down on extension cords, cutting down your clutter as well as your trip hazards. Additional outlets will also help keep your garage up to code as you add new power tools.

  • Workflow Changes

    Your workflow might be contributing to clutter. If it’s a long walk to bring materials to the bench, or if your friends are in the way while helping you out, or if any path between your vehicle and tools is obstructed, you’ll end up taking shortcuts, putting tools down ‘for later’, and generally allowing things to get out of order. Consider where you walk, what you pick up, and where you put it down, and reorganize accordingly.

Garages are the easiest place to change and renovate, so don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly right the first time! Keep experimenting with clutter control and you’ll see serious improvements before too long, and be sure to contact our team for more information!