Innovative Storage Ideas From Dave Platt

April 4, 2014

Inventive New Products

Innovative Storage Ideas From Dave Platt

In recent years, the home storage industry has morphed into an industry full of inventive new products and innovative storage ideas – all to the delight of everyone who has a space to fill.

In major centers like Toronto, Ontario, we’ve got the manufacturers who create and produce; the retailers who merchandise and display; and those specialized service providers who design and install the myriad of storage solutions for home and office.  The latest trends in organized storage are actually developed and designed from all of the back and forth feedback right inside the industry.  And it all comes from that well-known quotation – necessity is the mother of invention.

Let’s face it – whether you live in a house or a condo – a large space or small – most of us have too much stuff and too little space.  We never seem to have enough cupboards, cabinets, or bookshelves, yet we always manage to accumulate more.  The answer is simple:  smart storage solutions.  With some creativity, the right mix of product, and perhaps some expert advise from a service provider, you can create an orderly, organized, and uncluttered storage space that will satisfy your every need.

The nice thing about hiring a company that specializes in storage solutions, is the expertise and experience that accompanies the products they provide.  They often see things that we don’t – like empty walls, unique corners, or hidden cubbies.  And there’s always a payoff when you get another perspective from another pair of eyes.  For instance, under your staircase – for you, it may have been a convenient little dumping ground, but with the right idea and some custom installation – wow!

The whole idea is to maximize your living space.  It’s not just about de-cluttering and re-arranging – it’s also about easier access to your stuff, less anxiety about finding that stuff, and best of all, a comfort level that matches the orderly physical space.  Moreover, it doesn’t matter if your living space is small or large, because with today’s modern, innovative products, every space can be optimized for practical usage, while looking good at the same time.

Let’s take an area like your entertainment space – and that’s not to say that everyone needs an MGM style theatre.  The space needs to be functional and serviceable – and of course, it has to be an environment you can enjoy.  You probably have DVD players, game consoles, HI-DEF boxes, a giant flat-panel TV, and a multitude of cables and connectors.  What do you do?  The answer:  smart storage.  And again, it makes sense to connect with a service provider who can propose, then design, and then install the right combination of storage components to do the job right.

The same thinking applies for a walk-in closet.  Regardless of size, the space must be organized for efficiency – your things must be easy to stash and easy to find.  Here, a storage solution specialist can show you how to maximize storage capacity based on the unique layout of your space.  And today, you can enjoy the comfort of easy slide drawers, custom sized cubbies, even novel shoe storage components for the 20 pair of shoes you’ll need during the year.

As for those old fashioned “reach-in” closets – these can really be a waste of space.  But by creating multiple levels of storage, along with custom shelving and drawers, the closet becomes fully utilized with storage from floor to ceiling.  It just requires some creative thinking, and with a storage expert on your side, you’re engaged in a process that is seamless from start to finish.  Suddenly, the waste of space becomes functional and usable.

When it comes to a home office setup, it’s really not that difficult to turn a useless corner or “dead” space into a productive office space, which is a pleasurable place to “go to work”.  The important thing is functionality – files need to be stored, computer equipment and collaterals need to be arranged, and a productive workspace must be laid out.  Flexibility is key, especially if the space will be multi-purpose (like a crafts or hobby room).  For that matter, the room may also double as a guest room.  All things considered, a storage-solutions professional could be a very welcome addition – with ideas and expertise, they will even know the difference between designing a “left-handed” office and “right-handed” version.

For those who need reminding, the garage is actually part of your home.  Again, it shouldn’t be a dumping zone – this is valuable space, even it’s only being used for storage.  A home storage specialist can transform your garage into an organized space that becomes utilized to the max. And today, there are amazing modular components that can be arranged (and re-arranged) to create customized wall storage and impressive overhead storage.  With a smart approach to storage, all things are accommodated:  tools and toys; sports equipment and seasonal items; winter tires and hobby supplies; perhaps even a motorbike or skidoo.  Everything is easy to put away and easy to find – you’ll even be able to park your car!

So – where to start?  It turns out that connecting with a service provider that specializes in home storage is a really good idea.  They often employ their own designers and installers who are experienced in the field, and full of ideas and innovations.  And the option of expediting everything under one roof has definite benefits.  In the end, whether they come up with a brainstorm, or just a common sense approach, they will have created storage space that is well designed, practical, and beautiful.