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StoreWALL has been featured in many newspaper and web articles focused on garage storage and organization solutions.Enjoy reading a sampling here.
Closets Magazine
April 2008 2008 Top Shelf Design Awards: Honorable Mention closet 13 closet designers received honorable mention in Closets Magazine’s 2nd annual Top Shelf Design Awards. Two of these designs, one for a garage of 1,000 feet or less, and another for a garage of 1,000 feet or more, both utilized storeWALL panels and accessories. These designs were by Garrett Gerst of Alpharetta, GA and J.D. Franz of St.vGeorge, UT.
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Monday, April 7, 2008 "Monster Garage: Grimy to Gleaming" By Pete Alfano “Although friends, neighbours, relatives and cookie-hawking Girl Scouts commonly arrive via the front door, the garage is usually the most popular portal for the family. And if you peek into an open garage door in your neighbourhood as you pass by (or take a good look at your own), you will likely see that, typically, garages have become an eyesore — cluttered with tools, sports and recreational equipment, unopened boxes from two moves' past, old furniture, toys and more toys. And did we mention toys?” This article gives you six steps and many helpful hints to help you clean out and organize your garage. From shelf dos and don’ts to what to do with all of your leftover junk, this article is a spring cleaning must-read. StoreWALL’s Rick Chamberlain is quoted as an organization expert in this article.
"Keep the Value of your House" By Florysol Suarez univision “Many of us want to remodel our home to embellish, make it more comfortable, and of course, add more value at the time of selling.” This article highlights various small home improvements that can add value to your home. Garage organization is one of these featured improvements that will give future buyers a positive impression, given that it is the main entrance to many homes.
"Mothers Day Home and Office Gift Guide 2008"
April/May 2008 By Splash Magazine Staff lasplash View Article "Description: StoreWALL® organization and storage solutions help maximize available space in your garage, basement or other areas of your home to free up valuable living area – giving you walls that work." StoreWALL is one of the featured home and office gifts you can give Mom for Mother's Day.
Professional Door Dealer
April 2008 "Galvanize the Garage" John Carlisle doordealer View Article "In the average, mid-sized house, people tend to put their miscellaneous "stuff" in about five places: basements, attics, closets, exterior sheds and, of course, garages. As much as prototypical packrats would love to cram items into garages as if they were oversized suitcases, trends in the early 21st century show a desire for a more organized approach. Increasing numbers of garage-owners want cabinets, hook-and-wire storage devices, ceiling storage and specialty floors. That movement has spawned an entire garage flooring industry — still in its infancy among door dealers — and the multi-billion-dollar garage storage and organization (GSO) industry, a steamrolling bandwagon that door dealers have gradually decided to climb on." This article highlights the garage storage and organization industry, as well as garage flooring options for dealers.
Builder Magazine
November 2005 The Real Deal By Boyce Thompson webart_builderlogo View Article "MARKET RESEARCHER BARB NAGLE doesn’t consider herself a particularly fastidious person, but even she was surprised by what she encountered when she knocked on the doors of people who had recently bought new homes. “We found messes everywhere,” recalls Nagle, whose company, Marketscape Research and Consulting, was commissioned by BUILDER to conduct ethnographic research with eight multigenerational families for our Reality House, which will be open to visitors during the January 2006 International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla. "We caught people in the middle of their real lives. We were amazed by what we saw."" This article explains the problems that were observed in many households in regards to storage and organization. Major problem areas of the houses examined were garages, kitchen islands, home offices, and laundry rooms.
Innovative Storage and Organization Magazine
September/October 2005 Monster Garage By Amy Campbell webart_innovative "Americans will spend $2.5 billion on garage remodeling this year. From garages to closets to media and game rooms, Americans are cleaning up — and getting organized. Any time of day, TV viewers can watch experts turn cluttered closets, messy laundry rooms, playrooms overrun by toys, and chaotic garages into organized, usable spaces." As this article explains, awareness is the reason why garage organization has recently become such a trend. StoreWALL's co-founder Carl Landgren is quoted in this article explaining the importance of supplying the entire garage solution.
Custom Home Magazine
January/February 2005 "Garage Gear" By Stephani L. Miller webart_custhome View Article "The latest hot space has traditionally been one of the least finished and most disorganized—the garage. When homeowners grabbed onto the custom closet craze nearly 20 years ago, they wanted two things: an organized area with a place for every shoe and article of clothing and an eye-catching space that their friends would envy. That same mentality is driving the trend toward outfitting the garage for tool and equipment storage, sports gear, home projects, and hobbies." This article focuses on the new trend of garage organization that has recently taken precedent following the closet organization fad. StoreWALL is one of the four garage storage systems this article offers as a quality option for garage organization.
Closets Magazine
December 2004 "Garages Go From Grunge…to Glamorous" By Karen M. Koenig webart_closetmagdic04 "The days of grungy, cement-floored garages are becoming a thing of the past. New cabinet and wall storage systems, flooring options and other accessories specifically designed for the garage are hitting the home remodeling market and becoming a multi-billion dollar business." This article examines The Complete Garage, a multi-million dollar company that provides customers with garage storage needs. StoreWALL wall panels are one product that The Complete Garage offers.
Closets Magazine
October 2004 "Transforming the Garage" By Bill West webart_closetmagoct04 "There's a treasure trove of opportunity in the garage, and the riches to be derived are not from hosting garage sales. The opportunities exist for changing a homeowner's perceptions of the garage away from what I call the "landfill mentality" to integrating innovative design concepts and space planning, leading to a garage that is a functional and organized space suitable for the entire family." This article gives readers ideas for a garage makeover. Among the ideas are adding an ergonomically-designed work bench, extra lighting, cabinets, and a wall organizing system.
The Milwaukee Business Journal
September 10, 2004 "Word of Mouth as Saving Grace" By Phill Trewyn webart_milbussjour View Article "After burning through nearly $500,000 in startup funding to sell their product through a network of distributors, Richard Eisenreich and his business partners found word-of-mouth marketing to be much more effective. Eisenreich is president of StoreWall L.L.C., Milwaukee, a manufacturer of slatwall panels designed to increase storage capacity in garages and basements" This article details storeWALL founders Richard Eisenreich, Carl Landgren and Michael Sieren’s journey to the top of the garage organization industry.
Style at Home Magazine
June 2004 Home Organization 101: Organizing the Garage By Kathleen Dore webart_styleathome View Article "Wow, I thought, when I saw photos of Bill West's garage. Bikes and gardening tools hung on panelled walls, storage containers lined shelves, and the floor and walls were white. I thought about the clutter in my garage and decided to talk to the Colorado-based real estate agent and member of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Here's Bill's nine-step system for creating a "clean, functional and organized garage," which is also presented in his book, Your Garagenous Zone: Innovative Ideas for the Garage (Paragon Garage Company, $31), due out in September. This article presents Bill West’s nine-step system for creating a "clean, functional and organized garage," that is also published in his book, Your Garagenous Zone.
The New York Times
Thursday March 13, 2003 "Indoor Storage for Outdoor Gear" By Marianne Rohrlich webart_nytimes View Article "THE first day of spring arrives next week, and with it comes a new season of outdoor sports. Goodbye, ice skates. Hello, golf bag. With all the packing and unpacking, storage can be more challenging than playing the game. Most closets were not designed to hold the growing array of sports gear -- inline skates, mountain bikes, snowboards -- crowding many households. Fortunately, new storage solutions abound for all manner of gear." This article in the New York Times gives consumers many options for organizing all of their athletic and sporting goods. StoreWALL is among the eight storage options given.
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