OnWall on TV

OnWall has been featured in a number of home improvement shows over the years. Some of the more notable shows are listed below.

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This episode features 2 segments featuring OnWall solutions – a garage in extreme organizational need, and a condo under-stair closet. Watch how OnWall helped both homeowners solve their organization challenges by using their walls more effectively.

Learn how to clear out the mess and organize so you can find everything you’re looking for.


This old house – home in Cambridge, MassachusettsThis episode features the remodeling of a 1950s home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The home, owned by George Mabry who is a 40-something bachelor who loves entertaining, is clearly the sore thumb on the block. Problems with the house include water damage, structural issues, failing plumbing and an outdated floor plan. Yale trained architect, Will Ruhl, has decided to redesign the house into a contemporary beauty. Among the countless additions to the home, Mabry adds OnWall to aid in garage storage and organization.


In this three-part series, a three-car carriage house with overhead living/storage space is built. The various topics covered in these episodes include design issues, masonry products and techniques, as well as storage products. OnWall is one different storage products they used, among other metal, wooden, and plastic cabinets.


Regular garage transformed in potting stationOnWall is used in the creation of a one of a kind potting station. A regular garage wall is transformed into a potting station with ample storage that will make the job of planting even more enjoyable.

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