Maximizing The Ceiling Space In Your Garage

November 24, 2015

If your spring cleaning hasn’t happened yet this year, you might be getting anxious about the build up in your garage. Most use their garage as more than just a parking spot, they use it as a general storage area. However, this can turn into a cluttered mess in no time. When you have a messy garage, you run the risk of damaging your vehicle. If you have sharp tools or other dangerous items laying around, you can hurt yourself and the people you care about.

If you want to have a garage storage system that is smart, practical, and keeps things off the garage floors, take a look at our Overhead Garage Ceiling Storage Systems. You are able to store your valuable goods in an organized manner – that really doesn’t take up much space. They are effective and safe, plus they are custom built based on our client’s particular needs.

Here are some handy garage storage tips to help maximize your space:

If you want to store items under lock and key, you might want to consider cabinets. You can keep harmful materials out of the hands of your family members and you can use them as general storage area for things such as cords, nails, and screws. Cabinet units for your garage come in many varieties to best suit your needs and give you the overall look that you would like. It’s a good way to increase storage space and keep your garage floors tidy and clean.

Wall Space (Hooks and Pegboards)
Garages are filled with wall space waiting to be used – so use it! You can install shelving units for tools and auto products, plus you can hang larger items such as bicycles and garden tools on hooks. When you remove items from the ground, you have way more floor space available. If you want to install a pegboard, you can make it even easier. It helps to place all your items in a visible and functional fashion.

Open all the Boxes and Bins
Don’t let them be a mystery anymore. If you have boxes and bins on the ground in your garage and you don’t know what’s in them, open them up! Sort through as many boxes as you can – throw out what you don’t need, organize what you want to keep, and store them in an appropriate place.

Speak with a specialist at OnWall Solutions for more details on ceiling storage units.