Food is what fuels life and what brings us together with family and friends, why not treat it with the attention and admiration it deserves by designating a beautiful and highly organized set of custom shelving and storage compartments to efficiently house and store all the materials that go into your lovely meals!

Creating the perfect combination of racking, shelving and cabinetry is how OnWall Organizers has come to earn the interest and attention of homeowners, contractors and interior designers all across Ontario!

Our expert team of space efficiency designers delight in the chance to grant your home the pantries and mud room enhancements that change everything when it comes to how you use your kitchen and the comfort that can come with uncompromising style in our seductively charming pantry sets and mud room arrangements.

We offer a wide range of dynamic and style-accommodating cabinetries that can be arranged in countless combinations of custom assembled compartments and cleverly hidden storage spaces that we can create with your specific budget in mind while winning your satisfaction over by offering the designs that make into home improvement magazines and interior design journals from Europe.

You can choose from a wonderful variety of colors, styles and finishes ranging from classic/antique style, to cottage-nostalgic feels like our Pillowtop cabinetries and modern/contemporary finishes like our Licorice series, along with the perfect finishing touches of oil-rubbed bronze hardware, metallic knobs/pulls of all kinds that match your favorite themes and genres of design.

With open shelving for use-friendly access to everyday items and hidden stowaways and compartments that could fool anyone into thinking they were only there to look nice, you’ll truly enjoy the clever design elements that go into our concepts and see for yourself exactly how what sets our work apart from the rest; can set your pantry or mud room apart from everyone else's!

Scoop drawers can be used to keeping all sorts of products including special cutlery as well as ingredients that are better kept in a cool/dry place out of sunlight and view.

Slide-out wine racks add the elegant sight of dark glass bottles arranged perfectly side-by-side rows, each with a story to tell of a faraway vineyard in a sun kissed European estate, turn into an instant conversation piece that spells out a passionate lifestyle!

Our wire baskets come in five beautiful finishes to choose from and can be placed exactly in the right location to suit your taste in the arrangement of space between its surrounding compartments.

Mud rooms with our Candlelight tone cabinetry finishing featured in Pillowtop style doors create the perfect atmosphere that grants luxury and space efficiency as one.

Our knowledgeable design team can recreate your laundry/linen room, den, potential storage nooks and virtually any other crevasse of your home into a highly functional and life changing new concept of organized, customized and beautifully pleasing storage solutions.

Our customers are always astounded to realize the storage solutions and assorted uses they can now take advantage of in the same home they’d never thought it would be possible in!

We invite you to call us today and one Free In-Home Consultation later, you’ll receive a Free Estimate towards your design ideal and we can begin the beautiful process of bringing our incredible storage solutions to the heart of every space in your home!


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