How to Create Order in Your Messy Teenager’s Room

July 25, 2016

We all know that living with teenagers can be challenging at times. Occasional attitude is nothing new, and very loud music seems to be the norm. These habits can be difficult to change – but the good news is, a messy room is not hard to change when it’s approached correctly. If convincing your teenager to clean his/her room is challenging because of how long it will take and how much effort is needed, there are changes you can implement that will make both of your lives easier. There are several ways to clean and create order in a messy teenager’s room, and we are here to tell you all about them. 

  •  Efficient Usage of Space

The first thing you could explore is how to use your teenager’s room space efficiently. If he/she continuously puts things on the floor, maybe it is caused by the lack of free surface area. If your teenager keeps on putting clothing everywhere, then maybe you need more space to hang their clothes or wardrobe to arrange the clothing accessories.

OnWall Solutions has experience in creating efficient and functional rooms. We will ensure that your teenager’s room will be organized in a way that will be convenient for your teenager, and easy for you to clean and maintain when needed. With more space to work with, you would be able to instill some order to help your teenager arranges his/her things.

  • Installing an Organized Closet

An organized closet is what every messy rooms need! Created by our expert design team, you can obtain a fully customized closet unit to help your teenager store their belongings with order. The closet will be designed to fit and blend into your teenager’s room so that the room’s interior will be accentuated. The closet can feature different designs and additional features such as pull mechanisms and silverware knobs alongside high-end furniture accessories ─ including velveteen jewelry stash, hidden hampers, swivel mirrors, and many others.
We also offer raised panel door for your teenager’s closet. The raised panel door will blend easily to your teenager’s room interior while providing a spacious and easily adjustable shelves. The shelves will give sufficient volume and dimensions for your teenagers to store their belongings orderly with ease. With expert design, the shelves keep your teenager’s belongings out of sight but are easily accessible when needed.
Our Premier Line’s cabinets are Italian designed and made. Boasting extravagant finesse and supreme finishing, the cabinets are among the finest furniture available in the market. The set is consisted of  5-piece combination of doors and drawers, a lot of spaces for your teenagers to organize their belongings. Most importantly, our customized closets are imbued with a 0.75″ thermofused melamine finish that give a complete protection against scratches, heat, moisture, stains, and dirts. With incisive hardware details and a wide selections of hues, tones, and finishes ─ such as antique white, warm cognac, and mahogany, we are confident that you will find one that matches your teenager’s personality.
OnWall Solutions is one of the top Canadian companies that offer innovative spacing solutions. With over 10 years of excellent customer service, we have helped thousands of Canadians improve their living spaces. We provide a one-stop service where we will consult, build, and install your furniture units so that you can be at ease. Call us today at 1-877-466-9255 if you are looking to improve your teenager’s room conditions.