How a Well-Designed Pantry Can Transform the Entire Kitchen

August 24, 2016

In any kitchen, large or small, storage is a necessary commodity – and for some reason, in short supply. A well-designed pantry will optimize a kitchen’s existing layout, consolidate everything in one place, and maximize storage space. But besides having everything well organized, it will all be handy and accessible, something that’s very important for someone working in the kitchen.

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide the maximum in storage space. For example, a tall cabinet with strategically placed components (shelves and drawers) allows for various storage options that can be methodically organized to suit. Even when the pantry is an “add-on”, it’s easy to match the design and colour of existing cabinetry.

Keeping foods together

The idea of a well-designed pantry is to keep foodstuffs in a common area so that accessibility is quick and easy. For professional kitchen designers, the pantry is like an “addendum” to the fridge, except for dry goods storage. And when the pantry incorporates a functional pullout component, deep storage space is made available.

Clean cabinet design

Clean cabinet design makes for a very organized look. When the pantry cabinet is open for access, everything inside looks well organized, easy to identify, and just as easy to reach. Importantly, all the foodstuffs, small appliances, and daily cookware have a specific place. After all, as a functional workspace, the kitchen has to be efficient.


Most useful storage

With deep pullout shelves, it’s easy to incorporate various sizes of baskets and/or shelf dividers in order to improve accessibility and maximize storage space. In fact, a good pantry design will give consideration to “small space” storage items, many of which get lost or misplaced in more traditional kitchen storage setups.

Smaller appliances

To save counter space, and to keep a kitchen clutter-free, smaller appliances can be easily stored in a smartly designed pantry. Depending on the need, it may even be possible to provide space for a wine cooler or microwave. Clearly, the interior storage components will have to be designed to best suit the specific need.

More specific needs

The kitchen pantry does not have to be used exclusively for food storage. For some, it might well be the ideal place to store fine china, special-occasion tableware, and even wine glasses for the holiday. The key, of course, is to design the most multi-purpose cabinet possible, so that interior changes can be easily made.


Walk-in pantries

With available space, and a substantial budget, a walk-in pantry can accommodate practically everything – foodstuffs, wine bottles, small appliances, everyday dishes, and even tableware. It’s all very easy-to-view and very easy-to-access. The luxury of space allows for countless options in cubbies, drawers, and shelves.

The DIY Pantry

While a DIY approach to a kitchen pantry may look like a money-saving option, nothing compares with a well-designed cabinet that has been professionally installed. Custom components provide custom storage solutions, and everything is based on a specific need. Beyond that, matching the existing kitchen design is easy.