Re-organize Your Closet

August 22, 2014

With Fall just around the corner, it’s a great time to de-clutter and re-organize your closet.  Closets tend to get cluttered quickly. A clean and organized space can help you maximize all your purchases. While the de-clutter process itself can be a bit overwhelming, we’re here to share some quick tips and tricks to ensure the most efficient use of your space.

Step 1: Getting rid of old clothing 

The first step is to decide exactly what you want to keep. While trying to decide what to get rid of ask yourself if you would actually wear this and if you would purchase it at a store. If the answer to either of those questions is no, toss it. 

A great trick is to turn around every single hanger in your closet so the hooks are pointing in the wrong direction. When you wear something out of your closet, put the hanger back the right way. Six months later, if any hangers are still the wrong way, get ride of those items. If they have sentimental value, it would be best to store them somewhere. You should also store clothing that you know you won’t be wearing for a while because they aren’t appropriate for the current season. 

Step 2: Storage

Make sure you have enough space for all of your clothing. You may need to purchase some storage to ensure your making most of the space. There are great closet companies who can assess all your needs and fill the space efficiently for you.  We have a wide range of closet accessories on our website including hooks, mirrors, baskets and racks. If you’re on a budget, there are easy solutions to help you do it yourself. Websites like Pinterest are great to find DIY storage solutions. Just make sure you don’t overcrowd the space with boxes and shoe racks. Keep it orderly and efficient. There are many types of hangers you can use from wooden to metal; the choice is really up to you. Just make sure that all the hangers in your closet are the same. It looks a lot cleaner that way.

Step 3: Organize

If you have the space, hang as much as you can. It’s best to be able to see all of your clothes. Organize all your clothing by type; tank tops, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses. sweaters etc.  

Tops: You can separate your tops by long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, formal, casual or any other type you prefer.  You’re the one who uses that space and wears those pieces of clothes. Make sure you organize it in the best way for you. 

Sweaters: Feel free to fold your sweaters. Heavy sweaters don’t need to be hung up. They will also keep their shape better if they are folded. 

Jeans: There are many ways to organize your jeans. It’s really a personal choice. You can organize them by: color, cut, style, brand or size. If you choose color, make sure you organize them from dark to light.

Pants, Skirts and Shorts: Keep your skirts with your skirts, pants with pants and shorts with shorts. They can all be in the same area, just make sure they are color coordinated or organized by material.

Dresses: You can hang dresses by either color or length. Start with strapless and go to long sleeve. 

Bags and Scarves: If you’re bags are hidden away and not visible, you won’t be changing them. They don’t all need to be kept in their dust bags. You can fold scarves in a pile by color. If every time you take a scarf out, the whole pile gets unorganized, you should hang them with a scarf hanger. 

Shoes: Purchase a shoe organizer and organize shoes by color, heel height or season.