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Your shed may currently be in a less than encouraging state of revival and you may have put a halt to all the activities that used to make you feel great and bring you closer to nature while improving your home and garden. Over time an endless list of things can form heaping piles in a shed that eventually puts anyone off from indulging in the fun and previously enjoyed activities they once enthusiastically took part in. What makes things difficult is the feeling that most of those items may now be inaccessible, damaged and difficult to re-approach.

But our team of storage efficiency experts are prepared and very well inclined to take on a shed solutions project of any caliber and turn a cluttered, underutilized and abandoned shed, into a space that calls out for you to get back into your gardening groove! Our storage solutions in your shed can help you clear out and restore your garage which in turn, may open up the endless possibilities for the garage solutions that can also significantly improve your living!

Shed Storage Solutions
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How do we do it?

After a complimentary consultation visit to your home, we’ll show you the incredible possibilities! We can start transforming your shed with the quick and easy installation of our amazing load bearing slatwall panels to surround the parameters of your shed and allow for hanging and suspending virtually all your items to keep things off the floor and out of your way.

Once the slatwalls are in place, we use our adjustable custom sized shelves that allow for countless types of hardware, power tools and equipment to be neatly sorted and organized where you can easily reach them without having to bend down, search to lift things off a messy floor or deal with entangled and locked-up items that have collapsed into each other.

We can then use our selection of smart and hefty hooks along with our wall baskets by strategically placing them in corners where they can allow the walls to suspend and hold virtually any heavy duty tools, long-hanging items, seasonal items, pool stuff, sports/fitness/cycling gear, gardening/watering equipment - you name it and we’ll have a place for it that reaches out to you at glance with convenience, comfort and ease!

Most of our customers love to finish off their Shed Solutions project with a new flooring system to add that completely brand new feel that pulls everything together with our famous Citadel Polyurea floors, providing a vivid colored glossy finish that’s scratch proof, mold resistant and odour-free while smooth to the touch!

Another popular feature that homeowners and gardening enthusiast end up loving to have in their new shed, is our work benches which provide a useful surface for both item placement/storage as well as an amazingly handy work station, allowing a special area for handling delicate things; like transferring flowers from pot to pot or organizing seeds and new flowers prior to planting, without having to constantly kneel or bend down to the ground!

The possibilities are endless, the benefits are permanent and reaping the rewards is the best bit of it all! Let OnWall specially trained experts come show you how we can create a shed with storage solutions and efficient design elements that can change your home and garden as well as the quality of your life!

Contact us today and book your Free Consultation! A member of our amazing design team will be happy to come hear your ideas in how you’d want your shed to work for you and show you the incredible possibilities awaiting to spring forth from your redesigned shed!

We’ll also provide you with a Free Estimate prior to getting started!


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