Small Garage Organization

June 20, 2016

Garages are a part of our daily lives. We walk in them each morning and night when we park our cars, and it serves as a storage area and sometimes even playroom for the kids. If your garage is used for one, or even all of these purposes, you may have a cluttered mess on your hands- especially if your garage is smaller in size. At OnWall Solutions, we specialize in creating an optimal solution for organizing areas in your home, even small spaces. OnWall Solutions can provide you with many different strategies to organize your garage like a pro, through a range of custom designs and specialty storage options.

To begin with, at OnWall Solutions, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide our customers with the ability to custom design their own storage solutions. These custom designed storage solutions will fit your garage space perfectly- no matter how unique your shape may be. When working with OnWall Solutions, you will be teamed up with our organization experts to custom design your dream storage solutions. Anything from colour, to size, to usage and more, our staff will help you design the perfect solution for your garage.

We also specialize in different styles of storage solutions for homes. For example, we are able to maximize your garage space by creating and designing wall cabinets as well as overhead storage solutions. By using wall cabinets and overhead solutions, you will be able to use your garage space more freely and optimally. Even after implementing wall cabinetry and overhead storage, you are still able to use the space below and around for the rest of your items in your home, such as cars, bikes, lawn mowers and more.

A third and final solution to organizing your small garage is through home garage car lifts. These car lifts are the perfect solution to utilizing your small garage. These car lifts can be used for those who have two cars, but only a one car garage. The machine installed in your garage will allow you to functionally operate a car lift, stacking one car on top of the other on platforms. It’s the solution you didn’t know you needed, but couldn’t live without after installing it. At OnWall Solutions, we offer two different classes of home garage car lifts, one that can hold up to 8,000 lbs and one that can hold up to 9,000 lbs. Either way, we have the solution to your cluttered garage waiting for you.

If you would like to know more information about how you can effectively organize your small garage, and even your home, feel free to visit our website at, or call our office, 1-877-466-9255. On our website,  you will find a wide variety of options that we are able to offer you to implement in your home or garage to make your life more convenient, and more organized. An organized home will leave you feeling at ease. You will be free of stress the moment you start to organize your home and garage, and it all begins with OnWall Solutions.