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Most sports gear is too long, too wide and almost always too unshapely to simply keep with everything else in the house, yet leaving it all to pile up outside or in the garage, will result in heaps of clutter and can also eventually damage expensive sports gear. A lack of organization in sports gear storage can inevitably lead to less usage and the demise of enthusiasm in an active lifestyle.

Our Sport Storage solutions provide you with every means to properly and securely store any line of sports gear from hockey sticks, fishing rods and skis to tents, bicycles and snowboards! We offer clever and non-space consuming products to provide you with the most clever storage options available today!

Our premium standard load bearing slatwall panels can be used with the necessary accessories to provide a place for absolutely anything that comes with your favorite sports and fitness routines! Specially designed track panels can be used for baseball bats, rods, hockey sticks and long-hanging items, we provide a range of slatwall compatible storage units that hang onto the wall and suspend anything from tennis balls/basket balls/soccer balls to golf club bags and hockey bags. Canoes and kayaks can be fixed onto the wall or suspended with special racks and hinges so that they are never on the floor or in your way.

Ceiling storage units provide a lifted storage space off of the floor for large objects and our custom built overhead racks and mezzanines can bear loads of up to 1000 pounds with ease - our overhead storage units and suspension systems are manufactured with the highest standards of quality, safety and load bearing capability on the market!

Sport Storage Solutions
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Wall hanging compartments can be used to keep smaller items in place, such as tennis balls, gloves, water bottles and helmets to grab quickly and conveniently when you’re on the go and just about any other small or large sports accessory items can be organized within your reach. We create designated sections for each genre of sport and fitness so that everything you need for your game or exercise routine, is right before your eyes so that you never leave the house forgetting an item or accessory to slow you down!

Front-fenced shoe shelves can hold anything from runners to snow shoes and snowboarding boots. We combine a number of storage solution components to create a safe haven for all your sports accessories and baggage to be organized and perfectly within reach. We can even customize your entire sports storage space to feature the solutions that best fit your specific games and fitness routines of interest!

OnWall’s team of space analysis experts can check out any space in your home and garage to come up with an incredible combination of elements to host all of your sports and hobby gear. Our sports storage solutions encourage kids and adults alike, to take part in the sports and fitness programs they desire by creating a space that calls out for an active and enthusiastic lifestyle. Seeing your sports equipment perfectly arranged and ready to go will always give you that extra nudge to go for it!

Call us today and we’ll help make it happen! A member of our design team is always happy to come analyze your space and hear your interests and desires in order to help you create a sport and fitness storage space that perfectly fits your active lifestyle!


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