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What Colour Should You Paint the Garage

September 29, 2016

Your garage can be one of the most important parts of your home. It stores your most precious memories. It is the space in your home where you practise your favourite hobbies. For some people, it is also the first space that they will enter when they go home with their car. With a wide […]

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Tips for a Successful Garage Makeover

July 22, 2016

Garage makeovers can be complicated. The amount of work, decisions, and renovations required can seem overwhelming for some people. For a successful and seamless garage makeover, a few fundamentals should be followed, with some taking place before the job is even started. Let’s explore the tips that will help you ensure that your garage makeover […]

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What is Polyurea and Why You Should Coat your Garage Floor With It

June 23, 2016

As an exclusive Ontario dealer of Polyurea, OnWall Solutions can provide you with the solution you have been looking for to upgrade your garage flooring. Polyurea is the latest and most advanced garage floor coating solution available in Ontario. Polyurea is a material that coats the top of a concrete garage floor, making the coating […]

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Small Garage Organization

June 20, 2016

Garages are a part of our daily lives. We walk in them each morning and night when we park our cars, and it serves as a storage area and sometimes even playroom for the kids. If your garage is used for one, or even all of these purposes, you may have a cluttered mess on […]

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Tips for Proper Storage of Your Tools in the Garage

May 13, 2016

Do you have to walk through an obstacle course to get to your car in your garage? Are you not sure what to do with all the tools and machines that are in your garage, but you don’t know where else to put them? If your answers are YES and YES, you need a storage […]

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Designer Tips From Saul Podemski – Organizing Your Home

April 4, 2014

A place for everything, and everything in its place. Call it a proverb or a famous saying – we’ve all heard it from someone – our parents, our co-workers, quite often from our own spouse. It’s been attributed to almost everyone, including Benjamin Franklin.  And these days, it resonates with everyone – we have too […]

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